WSW “inundated” with interest after Popovic resigns as coach

Wanderrers CEO John Tsatsimas said that the club had been “inundated” with expressions of interest just hours after the dramatic story broke that coach Tony Popovic was leaving.

Tsatsimas, one of the club’s foundation staff members and a close confidante of Popovic, says the club will take its time to identify a new coach.

BOMBSHELL: Popovic resigns as Wanderers coach

Popovic and Tsatsimas fronted at a hastily arranged press conference at Wanderers HQ to announce the coach was leaving to pursue his overseas opportunity.

Tsatsimas admitted the timing wasn’t ideal but said he'd been "inundated" with interest in just a few hours since the story broke.

“I’ve had better Sundays! It doesn’t help, but that’s the world of football.

“It’ll be a testing week for all concerned,” Tsatsimas said.

“But we won’t panic. We’ll be in control and we have every belief we’ll be ready to go next Sunday [in the A-League].”

Tony Popovic has resigned as coach of Western Sydney Wanderers

Who takes over and when is the question.

At the present stage, assistant coach Andres Carrasco is expected to take the reins against Perth Glory next Sunday at Spotless.

And with the Spaniard's credentials and background, he'd be a strong candidate for the job.

But if not, finding a replacement option won’t be easy and could take considerable time.

“[But] our members can be assured, we take the due diligence required to find the right candidate for the stature of this club right now,” Tsatsimas said.

“While the timing is not ideal all of Western Sydney need to know that this is a robust organisation and we’ll do everything to ensure this season will be a success.

Tony Popovic

“We need to process what’s transpired in the last 24 hours,” he added.

“The people in our football department are well versed in what’s happening in pre-season.

“And certainly it’d be folly of us to rush in and make an appointment - particularly with a match five or six days away.

“We will take our time to make the right appointment. When that may be I can’t commit to right now.”

He also hinted departing coach Popovic may take existing Wanderers coaching staff with him to Turkey.

“That very well may be the case,” Tsatsimas conceded.