The Whistle - Round 19

Each week will be speaking with FFA Director of Referees Ben Wilson to review some of the contentious refereeing and VAR incidents from the weekend’s matches.

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In the Adelaide v Wanderers match Adelaide were awarded a penalty after a VAR Review. Talk us through this decision.

In the 13th minute of the match Jordy Thomassen is challenged by Brendan Hamill in the penalty area and the referee allows play to continue. The VAR checked the incident. Hamill stretches his leg towards the ball but does not make any contact with the ball.

He makes clear contact with Thomassen’s legs and trips him. The VAR recommends an on-field review and after seeing the replay, the referee reverses his decision and correctly awards a penalty for Adelaide United. 

In Perth there was discussion around the third goal, scored by Andy Keogh. What was the process for this decision?

At the moment the ball was played by Diego Castro to Andy Keogh, the Assistant Referee decides that Keogh is level with the ball and not in an offside position.

The goal is awarded. The VAR checks the incident. There is no evidence that the on-field decision was clearly and obviously wrong and the on-field decision is upheld.

In the Sydney and Central Coast game there was discussion about the Mariners first goal, was this checked by the VAR?

In the 36th minute of the match Aiden O’Neill scores for the Mariners. As per the VAR protocol the goal is checked and cleared by the VAR as no offence has occurred.

The VAR footage and VAR audio shows that that Mariners player Stephen Mallon is in an onside position at the time of the shot. His position in relation to the goal keeper is irrelevant when considering a potential offside offence.


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