What’s on your Spotify? Coaches special!

Hip hop, RnB and Dubstep didn’t get a look in though one coach is a soul fan and one’s into M83! Can you guess who?

Darije Kalezic: Wellington Phoenix coach

So, what’s on your spotify?

[Pauses] National music of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia. If I have to choose that’s my favourite. And U2 if I have to make another choice.

I love everything about them [U2]. The music, the sound, the power in the music. Everything. It’s good. They are great.

Wellington boss Darije Kalezić.


Kenny Lowe: Perth Glory coach

I havent’ got a Spotify list.

I’m a big Jam fan and Paul Weller. I kinda grew up with the Jam. And Bobby Womack, an American singer. I went to see him in the UK.

I’m into soul music.

But I'm a massive Jam fan, followed them all over England, went to the concerts. “A Town Called Malice”, “Going underground”...

They are the kinda music that float my boat!

Kenny Lowe


Ernie Merrick: Newcastle Jets coach

What’s on your spotify?

Actually one of my younger players is a rapper and he’s got a song on Spotify! That’s Joe Champness.

He’s good! The boy’s done well.

I’m a big music fan and I insist on it in the changing rooms as well. I let the players lead it but there’s got to be music.

I go back to Motown, Tamla Motown, U2... there’s not a band I don’t like and I’m learning the new ones like M83, the French band.

I like all that stuff. Kaleo... you heard of him, Aido?

I’m into Spotify!

Ernie Merrick