Westfield W-League Player of the Match

Kylie Ledbrook (Sydney FC) – Westfield Player of the Match Round 8

Kylie Ledbrook (Sydney FC) - Westfield Player of the Match Round 8

Congratulations Kylie, how did you see today-s game?

We went out with an attacking mind-set and we knew it would be hard with the heat. And we knew with the finals so close we needed to secure a win. But we kept the ball well and got some early goals which helped us through the rest of the game.

How difficult was it to play against such an attacking team like Glory?

Yeah with Katie Gill, Sam Kerr and Lisa De Vanna we knew that so it was pretty much the plan just to play our game and try hold them out as best as we could.

You play to win but a $500 voucher from Westfield is an added bonus I-m guessing?

Definitely, it-s great to see the players getting a little bonus for playing well. And I was lucky enough to get it today but our team played well all day today.

What might you spend your Westfield voucher on?

Christmas presents!

And your closest Westfield?


What-s your favourite store at Westfield Liverpool?


How important is it to have Westfield backing the league?

Without their support we wouldn-t have this league so we thank Westfield for their support. And it-s great to see the Westfield W-League grow to be so big and I think it-ll be bigger in the future.