Westfield W-League Player of the Match

Katrina Gorry (Melbourne Victory) - Westfield Player of the Match Round 9

Katrina Gorry (Melbourne Victory) - Westfield Player of the Match Round 9

Congratulations on your game today, you weren-t afraid to take on the defenders at every opportunity you got, do you think that was your best performance for the season?

"Yeah it was one of my better ones, all of the girls worked really well and fought it out until the end and that showed with the late winner."

And such a crucial win to get you so close now to that last finals berth, did you think you girls had it in you with the scores at 0-0 for much of the game?

"We always knew it would be a tough game but in that final 20 minutes we just lifted so much and pulled through and got that goal which was great because we needed it so much."

It must be very exciting to be so close now to that finals spot, that win really sets you up now with a great chance.

"That-s why we knew we needed to win, Canberra were just clear on goal difference so it was probably our biggest game of the season."

Now as the player of the match you've won yourself a $500 dollar Westfield voucher, what do you think you will do with that?

"Gee I don't know, probably go and buy some new clothes or fix up some of my Christmas shopping."

Do you have a favourite Westfield store?

"Probably City Beach."

Westfield is such a fantastic sponsor for the Women-s league and really gives the competition great support.

"Yeah it really is, it-s great for us."