W-League player of the week

Sydney FC's unsung midfielder, Teresa Polias, has been named the Westfield W-League's Round 9 player of the week.

Midfield dynamo Teresa Polias has been an unsung hero in Sydney FC-s stunning unbeaten run this season.

The pint-sized Polias sits deep in the Sky Blues midfield trio helping to allow her marauding team-mates to plunder an astonishing 30 goals in just eight outings.

Though rarely seen in attack Polias was recognised for her contribution on Sunday as Sydney FC inflicted a record-loss on perennial title rivals Brisbane Roar.

Her pivotal role in linking midfield and attack saw Polias earn a Matildas call-up last year.

Here she talks about the reasons for Sydney FC-s success, kicking a ball around the school playground in her teaching role and who is the coolest team-mate.

How did you enjoy the win against your old-rivals Brisbane Roar?

It was probably one of the most satisfying wins we have ever had. Everyone did their job really well and it was a great match for us.

Sydney FC perhaps has less high-profile players than some clubs so what are some of the factors as to why the team is clicking so well?

There are a number of reasons. We know each other really well and have mostly played together for a while. The youngsters work hard at training as well. Credit to the coaching staff especially Staj (coach Alen Stajcic) as he drills it into us and has high expectations.

Tell us about playing alongside the much-improved Nicola Bolger and also striker-turned-midfielder Leena Khamis?

I have played with the two of them for many years, especially Leena. Nicola has had an amazing season, she is in the best form I have ever seen from her and is looking really dangerous. Leena has been a striker all her career and to transition into midfield is not easy, so credit to her for that and she is doing really well. I couldn-t be happier for both of them and they have been a key part of our success.

And you must be happy with own excellent form this season?

I am just trying to do my job as always. My role is stay disciplined defensively and I try and do that week-in, week-out.

So you don-t mind everyone else getting the goalscoring glory....

I don-t mind but I would love a goal as I-m still waiting (laughs). I have come close but still waiting. As long as we win I don-t mind.

Can anyone catch you now that you are finally back in top spot?

It is still pretty close at the top, and we are only level on points with Melbourne. Basically we probably have to win every game, so it is still pretty tight. We have Canberra twice coming up, plus Adelaide who are really tough and Wanderers again which will be a tough game as well

With your own great form is Matildas selection in the back of the mind?

Definitely, but I-m just concentrating on my club form and we will see what happens. I can only focus on what I can control.

Being a Primary school teacher and working full time, how does that fit in with a football career?

It was a bit tough last year having signed a teaching contract after getting a surprise call up to the Matildas. It was hard to juggle that as continuity is important for the little ones. This year I-m back to relief work with some Matildas commitments at the start of the year. But I love my job. You have to make sacrifices for football and I guess this is one of them.

And being an elite football player must give you some serious schoolyard cred...

The boys are always asking me to play at lunch, so I tend to spend half my lunch out there and they love it. They are always asking about my next game. They have come to a few games which is really cool, and they are very supportive, the parents as well.

On a lighter note, who has been the best player at Sydney FC this term?

That was a tough one. There is so many I couldn-t give one name. I would have to name almost the whole team.

Who is your funniest team-mate?

Sam Kerr, hands down.

What about coolest?

I would have to say Ellyse Perry. She is a very interesting person. I am pretty good friends with her as well and she always has a good story to tell. She is well travelled and very smart so a pretty interesting character for sure.