Video - Bosschaart and Cole cook off

The Sydney FC-Wanderers FC rivalry has kicked off - on Ready, Steady, Cook.

Sydney FC's Pascal Bosschaart and Wanderers FC's Shannon Cole have taken the Sydney rivalry to a new level - on Ready, Steady, Cook.

In a precursor to one of the big onfield rivalries of the season, the pair weree invited to go head-to-head on the 10 network show, which will not be aired until later in the season.

“It was pretty exciting,” Bosschaart said. “It-s a new experience for us I think, to make some food with a real professional chef and I enjoyed it.”

“I was feeling a bit of pressure," Cole admitted. "I didn-t want to disappoint my chef, I learned a few things and it was the first time I-ve really had to cook under pressure.”

While the heat was on both contestants, Bosschaart revealed he is no mug when it comes to cooking.

“Most of the time I will do the dinner at home but it-s not the special things we made today, I think 20 minutes is really special!!” he said.

We won-t reveal who-s dish was voted the best by the studio audience but will let you know when the show is due to be aired.