Van Egmond wants video referrals

Newcastle coach Gary van Egmond has called for the introduction of a video referral system after his side's dramatic 1-1 draw with Adelaide United.

Newcastle Jets coach Gary van Egmond has called for the introduction of a video referral system to assist the on-field officials after his side's dramatic 1-1 draw with Adelaide United at Hindmarsh Stadium was marred by contentious match-turning decisions.

With the contest tied and the clock ticking past 90 minutes, Reds playmaker Dario Vidosic scored what appeared the match-winner, until referee Lucien Laverdure intervened and, following extended consultation with assistant referee Daniel Goodwin, controversially ruled it was offside.

Television replays proved the decision inconclusive, while the non-call at the other end when Michael Bridges was felled inside the box barely a minute earlier was possibly even more contentious, denying the visitors a penalty.

Van Egmond believes a video system to help in such situations would be better received in the A-League compared to Europe given the advances made in that area in recent years by other codes.

"It's a tough one for our game," he said. "Culturally from our point of view, it (use of video technology) is more accepted because you have AFL, rugby league and union, codes that use it," he said.

"Maybe for us it might be something to look at because we as a fan base are more understanding if that was to be introduced, where I could never see that being introduced in Europe."

Rather than see red like the booing home crowd, van Egmond called for patience, understanding and - most of all - help, when it comes to dealing with the man with the whistle.

"We can talk about that until the cows come home," he said. "I've been in this for a while ... I can tell you, I used to be a real angry man but you develop some patience.

"It's easy to criticise from the perspective of the performance of an official but they need as much support as we can give them.

"The game is becoming extremely professional and the game's becoming quicker every year.

"The referees probably just need more support, whether that's from a financial basis or a development basis.

"We've lost a lot of very good referees of late and we just need to ensure we keep making that position where referees want to stay."

While saying his side "edged" United to be the better side on the night, Newcastle's solitary point earned keeps them alive in the hunt for a finals berth.

The Jets, who have a week off, will need other results to go their way this weekend.

"The first half we deserved to be in the lead (by) a little bit more," van Egmond said.

"Second half, they seemed to have a bit more intent and they were more dangerous on the counter.

"I think we probably edged them, but not by much.

"It gives us a glimmer. We're not going to be the masters of our own destiny.

"We're going to have to hope for certain results, a few Hail Marys, Our Fathers (prayers) and voodoo dolls ... whatever it might be."