Tuggeranong secure home venue for FFA Cup

Football & Rugby have joined forces to bring the Westfield Cup to the nation's capital.

Football & Rugby have joined forces in the nation's capital for the Westfield FFA Cup.

Vikings Rugby Park will host its first football match in years if Capital Football's entrant in the Westfield FFA Cup, Tuggeranong United FC (TUFC), happen to be drawn to host one of the Round of 32 matches.

Traditionally the ‘spiritual- home of rugby in Canberra and a breeding ground for some of Australia's best rugby players, Vikings Rugby Park will be transformed to allow TUFC to play at the venue if they happen to be drawn as one of the home clubs in the Round of 32.

The announcement comes as TUFC explored the best possible venue option in the local Tuggeranong Valley area to hold a game that would provide the best facilities for spectators and players for a Westfield FFA Cup fixture.

“The Westfield FFA Cup is a chance to match ourselves against the best club teams in Australia," said TUFC President Jon Thiele.

“Vikings Park is the best option to deliver the best football and spectator facilities in our own backyard.

“We thank the Vikings Rugby Club for cooperating to make available Vikings Park for two of the possible four dates where we may host an opponent in the Round of 32.”

Tuggeranong and the other 31 clubs in the Westfield FFA Cup will know who they will come up against and whether they are at home or away when the LIVE draw takes place on Friday 27 June on Fox Sports News.