Thwaite won't wait

If Michael Thwaite leaves Gold Coast United as expected, he'll be doing so with a very heavy heart.

If Michael Thwaite leaves Gold Coast United as expected, he'll be doing so with a very heavy heart.

With his club facing an uncertain future at best, the lionhearted stopper is on the brink of a move to either Perth Glory or Korean side Incheon United.

He says he'll put pen to paper with someone inside the month. But leaving the tourist strip was never meant to happen.

"I'm extremely disappointed. I had plans to be here for 10 years and trying to finish my career here," he said.

"I definitely haven't signed anything in Asia or with Perth, but I can tell you that there's definitely interest. My commitment is to the end of the year with Gold Coast."

"When I first negotiated with Gold Coast I had the chance to sign a four-year deal with Melbourne Victory or a three-year deal here, and because I was a Queenslander I chose here. It's my loyalty."

But with a second child on the way and national team ambitions burning inside him, the United skipper can no longer afford to live in limbo.

Thwaite had been waiting for a contract offer from the club for months, but nothing ever materialised.

Now that their license is in the hands of FFA, not even the governing body themselves can guarantee that there will be a club on the Gold Coast next season.

But even if the club is rescued, Thwaite explains he needs to look out for number one.

"At the moment it's very short term and at my age I can't think that way, especially with all the Socceroos games coming up," he said.

"For me, with another little one on the way I need stability. One year won't be enough for me, I'd like to sign long-term."

"If they can guarantee me that with Gold Coast United, that's definitely an advantage."

"If it's only a one-year thing to avoid going to nine teams, for Western Sydney to come in the following year, it's not the right option for me."

United on Wednesday had their final training session before departing for Newcastle, and ran out in Socceroos gear. Palmer owns all of United's old apparel, including the shirts that read "Freedom of Speech" that started all this recent turmoil.

FFA had to turn to their emergency stash to find something for the players to wear. But apart from that trivial matter, the team is beaming under their control.

"You can see how professionally it's run now," Thwaite said.

"There's Socceroos physios here, we've got our old physios back, there's doctors here, full-time staff, no waiting around at training. Everything is running smoothly."

"Unfortunately it's only going to be for one more month."

Thwaite denied rumours that FFA had already told the Gold Coast playing group that there would be no club there beyond this campaign.

"We tried to get that out of them for next year because I'm worried, personally, for half the team that might not get opportunities," he said.

"Basically they said they're going to go to the Gold Coast federation, go to Football Queensland and talk to the businesses on the Gold Coast."

"I hear there's some businessmen putting big money on the table already," he teased.

"There needs to be a team here. It's such a lovely city, and players want to be here. Even guys who know the future is uncertain are texting me saying, 'is there a chance I could come to the club?'"