Stats Shot | Round 7

Round 7 was a fascinating weekend of football, with some interesting results from differing performances; so what do the numbers say?

Round 7 was a fascinating weekend of football, with some interesting results from differing performances; so what do the numbers say?

Brisbane Roar v Sydney FC The champions took advantage of a confused and demoralised Sydney side but the jury-s out on whether they have that ruthless consistency of old.

Possession: Brisbane 57% / Sydney 43% Tackles: Brisbane 20 / Sydney 37; effectiveness: 80% / 64%; yellow cards: 1 / 6 Total shots: Brisbane 14 / Sydney 7; on target: 7 / 4 Completed passes: Brisbane 477 / Sydney 215; accuracy: 86% / 75%

Look at the numbers and it-s no surprise Brisbane were the clear winners on the night. In fact, the only surprise is probably that Sydney managed to score two goals - but they were both down to the individual brilliance of Alessandro Del Piero, something that can-t be reflected in the match stats.

The Roar had more of the ball and made better use of it; Sydney made more tackles, as you-d expect, but their effective was low - just 64 per cent of the time did they take the ball away from the Roar player in possession.

If Sydney are go get anything from this season, they have to be much more competitive; even if they can-t match the Roar-s possession and passing game, they should at least be able to put their heart and soul into denying them space and disrupting their flow. The fact that they didn-t says plenty about the club-s morale.

Adelaide United v Melbourne Heart The close scoreline belies what was arguably a not so balanced game.

Possession: United 55% / Heart 45% Tackles: United 19 / Heart 17; effectiveness: 100% / 74% Total shots: United 14 / Heart 6; on target: 4 / 1 Completed passes: United 300 / Heart 187; accuracy: 80% / 72%

Not only did Adelaide have more possession but they made more tackles - with an amazing 100 per cent efficiency. That means every time an Adelaide player challenged a Melbourne player, the Heart man lost the ball. That-s not really the sort of consistency John Aloisi really wants from his side.

United also had more than double the number of shots than the visitors, even if they only managed four on target, so it-s no wonder they ran out winners - even if it did take a deflected strike to separate the two.

Melbourne Victory v Central Coast Mariners The best half of football the Hyundai A-League has seen was how Mariners boss Graham Arnold described this fixture. The numbers back up how much both sides gave it.

Possession: Victory 50% / Mariners 50% Tackles: Victory 28 / Mariners 30; effectiveness: 67% / 81%; fouls conceded: 19 / 12 Total shots: Victory 6 / Mariners 7; on target: 4 / 5 Completed passes: Victory 429 / Mariners 288; accuracy: 84% / 83%

Tied for possession, almost the same number of tackles made - although Victory-s efficiency was well below the visitors- and they conceded more fouls as a result.

Both sides had a similar attacking performance, although a surprisingly low number of shots, which perhaps illustrates their patient build-up, willingness to hold the ball until a clear cut chance is created and the equality of the game.

Victory continue to pass the ball a lot but aren-t always getting the outcomes they desire. How long will it take for Ange Postecoglou-s masterplan to finally click, and what will happen when it does?

Newcastle Jets v Wellington Phoenix A topsy-turvy game that left the Phoenix cheering and the Jets scratching their heads.

Possession: Jets 61% / Phoenix 39% Tackles: Jets 15 / Phoenix 22; effectiveness: 68% / 76% Total shots: Jets 11 / Phoenix 9; on target: 4 / 5 Completed passes: Jets 382 / Phoenix 173; accuracy: 78% / 62% Crosses: Jets 19 / Phoenix 17; corners: 14 / 3

If anything, this game just shows you that undefinable quality that makes football such an engrossing sport above all others; Newcastle dominated in almost all the key indicators - but the numbers don-t match the 3-0 thumping Wellington delivered to their hosts.

The Jets had noticeably more possession, had more shots, and made more passes, crosses and corners - and they come out of it looking like they were seriously outplayed by the Phoenix. Football is indeed a harsh mistress!

Perth Glory v Western Sydney Wanderers Perth followed up on Sunday with another unbalanced result, the in-form men from the west unable to batter their way past a resolute 1-man Western Sydney.

Possession: Glory 53% / Wanderers 47% Tackles: Glory 16 / Wanderers 23; effectiveness: 84% / 82%; yellow cards: 1 / 6 Total shots: Glory 25 / Wanderers 8; on target: 11 / 2 Completed passes: Glory 395 / Wanderers 205; accuracy: 88% / 76% Crosses: Glory 27 / Wanderers 7; corners: 11 / 2

Glory had almost three times as many shots - almost five times as many on target - they made almost double the number of passes, and utterly dominated on crosses and corners.

And yet the Wanderers had just two shots on goal and one of them was enough to win it. As you-d expect after going a man down, Western Sydney were willing to cede possession, confident enough in Tony Popovic-s structure and tactical discipline that they could hold Glory at bay - and so they did, for a hugely satisfying away win and yet another sign that the Wanderers are already a force to be reckoned with in this competition.