Stats Shot | Round 18

Yet again Perth dominated the key statistics in their match and didn't take home any points, while the Wanderers bossed the Heart with only ten men.

Yet again Perth dominated the key statistics in their match and didn't take home any points, while the Wanderers bossed the heart with only ten men.

Central Coast Mariners v Adelaide United POSSESSION: 53% / 47% SHOTS ON GOAL: 9 / 3 TOTAL SHOTS: 23 / 5 PASSES COMPLETE: 360 / 319 PASSING ACCURACY; 84% / 84% CROSSES: 27 / 9 CORNERS: 14 / 2

There-s plenty to take from the stats presented in this one and that-s that the Mariners were the better side in the top of the table battle. Sure, Daniel McBreen missed his spot kick, but that happens, the real key is the Mariners were able to break down the Reds and get the ball into the penalty area. Adelaide could not. Central Coast-s large number of corners and crosses led to plenty of shots and no matter how good of a keeper Eugene Galekovic is, with those numbers he was always going to concede.

Melbourne Victory v Sydney FC POSSESSION; 51% / 49% SHOTS ON GOAL; 8/ 5 TOTAL SHOTS: 21 / 10 FOULS CONCEDED; 17 / 27 TACKLES: 17 / 22 EFFECTIVE TACKLES: 61% / 73% YELLOW CARDS: 5 / 4 RED CARDS; 0/2

Victory may have worked the ball better when they had possession and gotten the ball into the right areas but the statistic that really killed Sydney-s chances off were the two red cards, in a game where a lot of challenges were given the whistle, Sydney made more and paid the price.

Perth Glory v Brisbane Roar POSSESSION: 49% / 51% SHOTS ON GOAL; 8 / 4 TOTAL SHOTS: 21 / 8 TACKLES: 27 / 25 EFFECTIVE TACKLES: 87% / 81% CROSSES: 11 / 3 CORNERS: 12 / 4 GOALKEEPER SAVES: 4 / 7

“Nil-one, nil-one, nil-one” it may as well replace the “we don-t score from corners” song at nib Stadium, of course Perth despite another bag of corners didn-t score from them either. Nearly all the stats in this match fall in Perth-s favour, suggesting they were the better team. They had similar amount of the ball, had more shots (on and off target) and were more effective at laying tackles. The problem was that they didn-t take their chances (Nick Ward take a bow); but also that Danny Vukovic got beaten in an area he shouldn-t have, Brisbane got the win but if Ian Ferguson looked at the stats he might just ask “how did we lose?”

Wanderers FC v Melbourne Heart POSSESSION: 53% / 47% SHOTS ON GOAL: 8 / 6 TOTAL SHOTS: 27 / 10 YELLOW CARDS: 1 / 4 RED CARDS: 1 / 0 CROSSES: 19 / 13 CORNERS: 12 / 1 GOALKEEPER SAVES: 5 / 7 Penalty shootout, sure, it may as well have been. The difference was Shinji Ono was authoritative with his, while Josip Tadic was meek and mild. The other major difference was the Wanderers spent most of the match with ten men, and still they outplayed the Heart, which the stats back up to show they are really in a different class. 27 shots with ten players compared to 10, that-s huge. Tony Popovic-s men have showed on more than one occasion they can get the job done while a man down and that they had 53 per cent of the ball shows just how much John Aloisi-s side have to improve.

Wellington Phoenix v Newcastle Jets POSSESSION: 46% / 54% SHOTS ON GOAL: 5 / 4 TOTAL SHOTS: 12 / 12 FOULS CONCEDED: 20 / 7 TACKLES: 47 / 44 EFFECTIVE TACKLES: 87% / 84% PASSES COMPLETE: 178 / 314 PASSING ACCURACY: 73% / 80% CORNERS: 5 / 4 GOALKEEPER SAVES; 3 / 3

The two teams couldn-t be separated on the scoreboard and the same can be said for the stats. Newcastle may have dominated the passing game, but that doesn-t always lead to goals and while Wellington gave away a lot more fouls, depending on where they gave them away it means little. What we might take out of Wellington-s lack of passing accuracy is they are still struggling with the new style of play that has been thrust upon them, but that-s really all.