Q & A: Frank Farina answers the tough questions

It hasn't been an easy week for Sydney FC coach Frank Farina but the Sky Blues boss isn't one to hide and fronted the media on Thursday.

It hasn't been an easy week for Sydney FC coach Frank Farina but the Sky Blues boss isn't one to hide and fronted the media on Thursday to answer all the tough questions about his future, relationship with his players and the run home to the finals.

Q: Embarrassing home defeat, fans calling for your sacking and being pelted with beer. It's been some week Frank?

FF: Yeah I wouldn't say I'm happy with the way things have panned out. It's been a hectic week in terms of all the events but they've all been resolved now and the focus purely and simply has to be on results and the game coming up (against Perth Glory) on Saturday.

Q: Is what happened simply a reflection of the way the team is going and certain issues in the team?

FF: Firstly, there's no major issues in the team. I think the frustration stems from lack of results, it's as simple as that. We're still in a good position, we're one point out of the six. At this stage last year we were struggling. There's still everything to be played for and everything to gain and I'm positive we can still do something.

Q: Are you confident the players are still behind you?

FF: Yes. 100 percent.

Q: You banished Nick Carle and Matt Thompson to train with the reserves, only now to be re-instated. How's your relationship with them?

FF: It hasn't been fractured. Without going into the issues, they've been resolved. It's business as usual. Everyone here is expected to turn up to play and fight.

Q: Are they in consideration for the Glory on Saturday?

FF: Of course. Nicky has had a few problems (with injury) but everyone in that dressing room and in that squad is in contention.

Q: How difficult have things been personally considering the fans have called for you to be sacked due to poor results?

FF: When you're coach of Sydney FC you have to expect that. If you believe anything else you're kidding yourself. It's been a difficult week but I actually enjoy it personally. I'm one of those people that will come out fighting, hopefully the players will do the same thing.

Q: Do you have any concerns over your future at the club?

FF: Not at this stage. It's a week to week thing. Sydney is a different beast than most other clubs. There's a lot of positives, you can see from the fans reaction they love the club. My future is focusing on purely and simply on games coming up. If we do well everyone's happy.

Q: Do you think the supporters will turn up and get behind the side this week?

FF: I hope for the team they do because the team gets affected by what happens in the crowd. Sydney supporters have been fantastic. They are frustrated and I certainly understand that. I don't have a problem with them voicing opinions, I'm strong enough to cop it. My focus is to work towards this team being successful and if we're successful the crowd will be happy.

Q: A disgruntled fan threw a cup of beer over you last Saturday, what's your take on that?

FF: Maybe I'll wear a raincoat, or crash helmet this week. It was disappointing someone is able to get that close. Thankfully it was only a beer in a plastic cup. We can laugh about it but potentially it could have been something worse. It could have been a rock or anything. We just have to take it and move on.