Perchtold's gift to Djulbic

German Peter Perchtold credits Dino Djulbic for his smooth transition to Gold Coast.

German midfielder Peter Perchtold credits teammate Dino Djulbic for assisting his smooth transition to Gold Coast United over the past two months, and believes the cross he sent in for the burly stopper to head home last weekend's match-winning goal against Melbourne Victory was his way of paying him back.

Since joining United from Bundesliga side 1.FC Nurnberg two months ago, Perchtold has slipped straight into work at in the heart of midfield and his ease in doing so comes courtesy of German-speaking Djulbic - whose experience in the country as a child and a few years ago with second division club Rot Weiss Ahlen helped him to overcome the language barrier.

With Djulbic's impending departure to China and Gold Coast staring down the barrel of extra time in stifling conditions against the Victory, Perchtold's perfect cross couldn't have come at a better time - or directed towards a better target.

"I'm quite happy with it, especially because Dino scored it. We really trained a lot practising that set piece and we're always speaking before every corner about where he's going. Perhaps I gave him something back," Perchtold said.

"What made it so special was the time. We had a lot of chances and really wanted to win at home and everyone was happy to not go into extra time and not play another 30 hard minutes."

Comparisons between Perchtold and his compatriot up the M1 at the Brisbane Roar, Thomas Broich, have been common since the German's arrival to the Gold Coast but the midfield anchor says he plays a lot deeper than Broich.

That's not to say Perchtold doesn't have ambitions to join him on the goalscoring charts - but he will settle for deliveries like that historic corner to Djulbic for the timebeing.

"I'm not so different compared to Thomas. He started as a defensive midfielder in Germany and he's also to play in front of the defence but as everyone can see, he's good on the wing and can score goals," Perchtold said.

"I'm a bit more defensive than Thomas but I think I'm also able to score goals. I've had chances and that's something I expect from myself. I'm able to score four or five goals in a whole season but now I think my biggest goal is to create goals and give good deliveries like on the weekend."

Perchtold was brought into the club as temporary cover for Jason Culina after the Socceroo spent most of January away at the Asian Cup.

But after signing a two and a half year deal with United - and Culina's departure to Newcastle at season's end - the big German has gone from a stop-gap solution to the focal point of midfield for next season and beyond.

Perchtold is ready for increased responsibilities and says he is eager to accept an on-field leadership role while the first team regenerates with an injection of promising talent from the club's National Youth League team, which last week won its second consecutive championship.

"That's why I'm here and I knew before that I would play an important role. Miron told me that when I signed and since Jason's move was announced, it's all about planning for the new season," he said.

"If one player goes there will be another player to take his spot but with such a great player like Jason, a few players must play better to fill the hole that Jason is leaving."

"I watched the youth team for the first time last weekend and the success of this team is fantastic. There are a lot of players leaving the club but I don't want to think about who's leaving, I want to just concentrate on being good on the field and helping everyone."

"I'm only 26 but I'm experienced and I think I'm a nice guy who can help these young players. I'm happy to lead. I try to always talk positives on the pitch and that's what young players need."