North Queensland Fury

North Queensland Fury look to become more involved in the community.

Football Federation Australia representatives met with business and community leaders in Townsville today to discuss the ownership future of North Queensland Fury.

Today-s meetings are the start of a process to explore the possibility of converting the ownership structure to a broader community model.

FFA CEO Ben Buckley said he applauded the effort from all at the club and he recognised its significant achievements in its first season.

“To be successful long-term there needs to be wider community and corporate support for NQF and it can not be left to one person to drive the club,” Buckley said.

“We are working through the processes with many interested parties and are confident there is strong support for football to remain in Townsville.”

Buckley said NQF was an important part of the expansion plans of the Hyundai A-League and it needed fan, government and corporate support to ensure it was a viable club in the future.

“I strongly encourage everyone in Townsville and North Queensland to get behind the team and show how much they want a successful football club in their region,” Buckley said.

“There is a lot of goodwill around the Fury but like any large sporting venture it needs support and investment to remain viable as it builds on the progress it has made in such a short time.”

FFA representatives also met with players and staff today to inform them of the discussions.

The process is expected to take several weeks and there will be no further comment on the issue from FFA today.