Match Review Panel - Round 10

The independent Match Review Panel has suspended Andy Todd of Perth Glory for two matches

The independent Match Review Panel - consisting of Barry Such (Chair), Brad Maloney and Alan Davidson- convened to consider the following incident from Round 10:

The incident involving Andy Todd (Perth Glory) and Scott Jamieson (Adelaide United) during half time of Perth Glory's match against Adelaide United on Friday night. As the incident escaped the attention of referee, the MRP has the authority to consider the incident.

The MRP found that Andy Todd had committed the offence of "Assault on a player" - Violent Conduct and has proposed a sanction of two (2) matches (1 additional match plus the mandatory Match Suspension). The player has until 12.00pm (Perth time) tomorrow, 13 October, to accept the proposed sanction or refer the matter to a hearing by the FFA Disciplinary Committee.

Further, Andy Todd is also required to serve a mandatory one (1) match suspension for receiving an indirect red card during the match. The MRP proposes the sanctions be served concurrently, therefore Andy Todd will miss two (2) matches if he chooses to accept the proposed sanction for the offence of assault on a player.

Football Federation Australia advises that Perth Glory and Adelaide United have been charged with the following Team Misconduct offence:

Perth Glory and Adelaide United for Team Misconduct following the 38th minute melee. The clubs have until 1.00 pm (local) Wednesday, 14 October, to respond.