MasterChef star and Hyundai spice up Grand Final

Hyundai and George Calombaris are doing things a little differently for the Hyundai A-League Grand Final this year.

George Calombaris is one of Australia's leading chefs, and a football tragic, that's why he has teamed up with Hyundai to bring something a little different to this year's Hyundai A-League Grand Final.

The Hyundai A-League is all about its fans. 

The Hyundai A-League Finals Series is when fans are most passionate and that's why this year Hyundai are giving fans the chance to be more involved than ever.

No matter what the code, every year there is fan conjecture over all parts of the Finals Series, and of course the marquee event, the Grand Final.

Whether it is an offside decision, the coach's decisions to sub players in the dying minutes, the Joe Marston Medallist, and of course the pre-match entertainment.

Hyundai have been with fans of the A-League since its inception, every step of the way and now they want to put the fans in the driver's seat. 

How is a MasterChef judge involved though? Why does the size of the chips in one of his very own souvlakis have anything to do with it? 

Keep your eye out, and once the top six is finalised this Monday morning, the answers to these questions will be revealed.