Mariners: Reddy has played his last game for club

Central Coast Executive Vice Chairman Peter Storrie says keeper Liam Reddy will never play for the club again and predicts the Mariners will reach a break-even status in the next year.

In a wide-ranging open letter to the club’s members and fans, Storrie was honest in his assessment of a number of issues around the club but said the future on and off the park was bright for the Yellow and Navy. 

‘Liam [Reddy] is facing disciplinary issues that the club cannot dismiss. The board, senior management and coaching staff have decided that he has played his last game for the Central Coast Mariners,” he wrote.

'The Club and Liam are both working towards a mutual agreement where both parties can go their separate ways. We make no apologies for fighting to maintain a strong Club culture and we made it clear to Liam that his contract would not be renewed ... 

'... The culture has been the glue holding the Yellow and Navy together...  Anything or anyone that acts in a way that will damage or erode from that culture must be dealt with seriously.’

Storrie, an experienced football administrator with experience at West Ham and Portsmouth, added he was shocked at how the club was performing on and off the field when he arrived a year ago, describing it as ‘unbearable’. But he’s bullish about the future and in particular the club's balance sheet.

The Mariners celebrate scoring at Central Coast Stadium.

‘With the appointment of ... three key staff along with the tireless work of the Mariners’ administration staff, the club will go from losing a significant amount of money per season to reaching break-even status in the next 12 months, which is paramount to the sustainability of the Central Coast Mariners.

‘As the club’s financial situation continues to strengthen along with the attacking and free flowing style of football and the development of the Central Coast Mariners Centre of Excellence, this is one of the most exciting organisations to be involved with in Australian sport.’

He added that the club loses money in non-NSW fixtures, opening up the possibility of taking the club on the road again as they search for new markets and growth in revenues. 

‘A priority of both Mike Charlesworth [Chairman] and myself is to continue exploring options to play one or two home matches outside the Central Coast that will benefit the Club financially.”

Storrie said he’ll return to the UK this week and return to the Central Coast in February.