Manny Muscat found guilty by MRP

The independent Match Review Panel (MRP) - consisting of Simon Micallef (Chair), Alan Contini and Alan Davidson - reconvened today to consider a Citation Incident involving Manny Muscat of Wellington Phoenix (the Player) which arose in or around the 58th minute of Wellington Phoenix’s Round 13 Hyundai A-League Match against Central Coast Mariners on Thursday, 31 December 2015.

The Player was cited by the MRP in accordance with the Hyundai A-League Disciplinary Regulations (Regulations).  In reviewing the Citation Incident during this afternoon’s meeting, the MRP took into consideration all of the available evidence, including the submissions lodged by Wellington Phoenix on behalf of the Player. 

The MRP determined that the Player committed the offence of R2 – Assault on a Player (e.g. violent conduct when not challenging for the ball) against Roy O’Donovan (Central Coast Mariners). The MRP proposed a sanction of the Mandatory Match suspension plus one (1) additional Hyundai A-League match, being the minimum sanction for the offence under the Regulations. This equates to two (2) Hyundai A-League matches.