Lucy Zelic ready for Thursday FC

We caught up with Lucy Zelic to see how preparations for SBS's new football program Thursday FC are going and what the fans can expect from tonight's debut.

Lock SBS 2 into your favourites with the debut of Thursday FC being followed by the live and exclusive broadcast of the Sydney FC v Newcastle Jets season opener from 7pm Friday.

SBS launch their new live weekly entertainment program Thursday FC tonight, which will combine the latest football news and views with entertainment, interviews and live performances. We caught up with one of their hosts, livewire newcomer Lucy Zelic to see how preparations are going and what the fans can expect.

Q. What-s your media and sporting background?

A. I was born into football so I didn't really have a choice but the reporting side is something I fell into naturally. I've got a lot of nostalgic memories from going to watch my older brothers Ivan and Ned play in the old NSL, so I have a long held love-affair with football. I've always been a writer and studied journalism and sports business at university. Most of my career to date has been in radio so moving into live television has been a real thrill.

Q. What can fans expect from your first show?

A. Our biggest tagline - and what I've been telling everyone is that it-s not just about football. We-re trying to capture as wide an audience as possible and get them enraptured by the game. We-ll have expert insights and analysis targeting the die-hard fans but we-ll also have acts and bands to try expand our audience. We want to be a place where people can come and learn about the game and feed off the knowledge and passion of some of its biggest stars.

Q. How-ve you found working alongside Matt Okine and David Zdrilic?

A. It-s been a lot of fun. We've already built up a good repour, which I-m sure will come across come show time. David has an excellent football mind and the transition to the style of the show has come easy to him. Matt is a football tragic and will bring a comedic aspect to the show. He-s full of life and will bring a different energy to the show.

Q. How excited are you to also be a part of the team that will broadcast the A-League on free-to-air television for the first time?

A. I can-t wait, it means so much to me not just as a broadcaster but as a fan. I have to give kudos to Fox Sports - they have certainly risen the profile of the game in this country but for fans that don-t have Foxtel it-s an exciting time. I think SBS is the true home of football - it-s something we've been doing for a long time. I remember as a girl watching Les Murray present The World Game so this is something we-re all ready and really pumped for. I think we-re going to be able to give great coverage and get people really excited about football.

Lock SBS 2 into your favourites with the debut of Thursday FC being followed by the live and exclusive broadcast of the Sydney FC v Newcastle Jets season opener from 7pm Friday.

Q. What's been the most challenging part of the new role?

A. I think getting my head around how t.v. works. Coming from radio it-s made me appreciate that you need to make sure you-re conveying your enthusiasm with your whole body not just your voice. You need to make sure your energy translates to audiences. Working alongside some of the best football minds in the country has been a great honour and made it relatively easy. I'm living out my dream.

Q. Which Hyundai A-League team do you support?

A. Western Sydney Wanderers - I really fell in love with the club from the start, when the chips were down and they were long odds to even make finals. I was drawn to who they were as a club and that never-say-die mentality the players show on the park. I think Tony Popovic is one of the best up and coming coaches in the game and I like the culture he-s installed at the club. Across the league, with a World Cup next year a lot is at stake. You-ll see a lot of players trying to put themselves in the reckoning to make the squad, which is why I think it-s going to be the most exciting season yet.

Q. Who's your favourite Hyundai A-League player?

A. (Laughs) That-s a really tough one. I would have said Dario Vidosic prior to him leaving as I think he-s a great talent with a bright future. Hagi Gligor is definitely one to watch. He-s a young Sydney FC midfielder who-s a really intelligent player and can read the game. I'm really excited about what our youth players have to offer and coinciding with the new national curriculum, developing a succession plan for the future that will help maintain the strength of the Socceroos.

Q. Favourite A-League moment from last season?

A. When the Wanderers won the Premier-s Plate against Newcastle. The experience of celebrating with the fans gave me goosebumps and was a just reward for everything they-ve worked towards.

Q. What's the worst pick-up line someone-s tried on you?

A. There-s been a lot, it-s hard to single one out (laughs). I-m very approachable and friendly - if a wall had ears I-d chat them off. I love meeting fans at games and encourage them to come up and say hi. My bark is definitely worse than my bite!

Q. What-s your playing career consist of?

A. I wish I could say yes I chose playing football over a media career but that-s not the case. I obviously played a lot of football with my family growing up - I especially enjoy futsal and the pace and skill that-s involved. I quickly realised that I get just as much a thrill reporting on football as playing so career wise it was an easy decision to make.

Q. What you-re ideal holiday destination?

A. I want to go to Egypt because I-ve always been enthralled by their culture and history - that-s definitely one on the bucket list.

Q. Finally, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A. In 2008 when I started university I became an avid golfer. My brother invited me to the driving range and originally I had a stinker but I really enjoyed it. I'm fiercely competitive so have really improved my game since then and get out to the driving range or play a round when I can. I competed in State chess when I was at high school, which is something a lot of people don-t know about me. I also love entertaining friends and cooking - baking especially. I-d love to own my own French style patisserie one day!

Thursday FC debuts on SBS 2 8.30pm tonight.