Lowy’s ‘productive’ meeting with A-League Chairmen

New FFA Chairman Steven Lowy met with Hyundai A-League chairmen on Wednesday, describing the meeting as “productive”.

A range of issues from commercial to broadcast and spectator engagement issues were broached at the meeting.

Lowy said club bosses addressed the meeting in the spirit of cooperation as they looked to the future. 

“Most importantly, we focused on a long-term strategy for the A-League and FFA, we had a very productive day," Lowy told reporters after the meeting at FFA. 

Later tonight, FFA CEO David Gallop will speak about his meeting with the active fan groups. 

But the FFA Chairman said the discussions with the Chairmen around the current supporters issues took into consideration the various factors in the issue. 

“We clearly focussed on the complexities of the issues... I can report the club Chairmen, myself and David [Gallop] really want to resolve this.

“We understand the issues. We don’t have differences between us [FFA and the clubs] and we’re very hopeful that with a sound engagement and goodwill with the active fan groups we will be able to resolve this.”

Lowy added all parties were frustrated by the fan issue and was hopeful the supporters will fill the stands this weekend in the Hyundai A-League.

“We have a common objective and we’ll be working towards that objective.

“And FFA will be coming to this [meeting] in the spirit of goodwill with an open mind and the purpose of solving this issue in the long-term through a very serious consultative process.

“That consultative process will include active discussions with the fans which starts this evening.

“And we certainly hope to get them [the fans] back to the game. It’s up to the fans but it’s not just up to the fans, it’s up to the outcome of very constructive discussions that will take place this evening.”