Kossie's summer love

Jeronimo Neumann may have been the man for Adelaide early on, but John Kosmina has rekindled an old flame of late.

Yours truly has been good this year, so in honour of that I expect Santa will grant my wishes as I continue my return to fantasy glory.

That-s right, tis the season to be jolly and extend good will to all men, unless they are your fantasy football opponents.

Having spoken of my return to glory; I was close to the top 100 scorers last week and was left regretting my decision to not chuck Pedj Bojic in the side or even make Marcelo Carrusca captain.

Being the generous guy I am I told you all to grab Carrusca, yet only 47 of you heeded the advice, now he-s likely priced out for you as he rose another $66,500 dollars to go well past the $300k mark, making him somewhat unobtainable.

I hate to say I told you so… wait I don-t, told you so.

So for the upcoming round heed this warning. Archie Thompson may be in awesome form, but he-s also usually fairly impotent in Melbourne Derbies, for that matter so are the Victory. Heart have only ever lost one of these encounters and will aim up for the match.

So who should you stack your team with this week? Glad you asked.

The answer, the two in-form teams. Neither Adelaide or Central Coast have it easy, taking on the stingy Wanderers and the tough Phoenix, but they do have consistency on their side and will likely be too good, plus with two of the best keeper sin the league in their sides, both the Reds and Mariners are unlikely to leak goals.

And given they are back in winning form these days, maybe, just maybe Perth could be worth sticking with, especially with Liam Miller back bossing the midfield.

Buy: Travis Dodd $169,000 There is a chance Perth may have just turned the corner and could be on the verge of embarking on a big winning streak. In truth they haven-t been far off it and Dodd has been impressive.

Yes he does spurn chances at times, but he also gets plenty of them and with Liam Miller back pulling the strings he will get many more. A worthy investment.

Sell: Jeronimo Neumann $178,500 It might be time to cut and run on the Argentine as far as fantasy is concerned, because truth be told, Adelaide have some physical matches coming up and big Bruce Djite is in form for the Reds.

He can play a role Jeronimo can-t - powerful striker and the Reds need that big man in the final third right now. If you have had Jeronimo from the start, you-ve probably made some money and gloated at some Phoenix fans, it-s like a summer love affair, it-s fun at first, but in this instance the romance is over.

Team of the Week: (The highest-scoring, cheapest team in a valid formation, this team may not be able to be purchased.)

Formation: 3-5-2 Total points: 298

Eugene Galekovic (AU 18), Pedj Bojic (C) (CCM 80), Michael Beauchamp (WSW 26), Mark Milligan (MV 18), Youssouf Hersi (WSW 20), Jerome Polenz (WSW 18), Liam Miller (PG 18), Marcelo Carrusca (AU 34), Fabio Ferreira (AU 20), Travis Dodd (PG 26), Shane Smeltz (PG 20)

Finally a little bit of a Christmas boost will come the way of Matthew, who manages Salgo-s Superstars and scored a huge 216 points. For his efforts, Matt will receive a $100 VISA Moneycard.