Kosmina quits Adelaide United

John Kosmina has quit Adelaide United citing a lack of trust and direction from management as the reason he has decided to leave.

John Kosmina has become the third coaching casualty of the Hyundai A-League season, saying he has "absolutely no regrets" about his decision to resign from his position at Adelaide United, effective immediately.

Kosmina, 56, has ended his second stint at his hometown club, blaming a "lack of trust". Until last Friday's loss to Central Coast Mariners, the Reds had occupied a top two position all season.

The former Socceroos skipper has announced his resignation in a statement released exclusively to footballaustralia.com.au, making it clear that despite his sudden departure he believes the team can still make a success of the season.

Kosmina's statement reads: "After careful deliberation and with absolutely no regret I announce my resignation as Head Coach of the Adelaide United Football Club.

"When I was approached by (chairman) Greg Griffin on December 17, 2011, to take over from Rini Coolen, I accepted the job with an open mind and open heart. There is a big space in my heart for the club I helped set up almost 10 years ago. I was, and still am, proud of what was achieved, and the culture that was put in place in those early years.

"I was more than aware, upon accepting Griffin-s offer, that many of those principles had been eroded over time. But I was prepared to give it a shot just the same.

"When I was verbally offered an extension to the end of this season in March, 2012, I accepted on a handshake because I felt we could be successful. I mentioned at the time that for me clubs were all about people and about trust, and if you can-t trust a handshake then what is the point of a contract. I believed the club had some sort of direction.

"Fast forward 10 months, and we come to this. Before last weekend we had been first or second in the league and were recognised as a good football team. However, apart from survival, I can see no clear direction. There is no vision. Decision-making at management level is reactive and impulsive at best, and there is no consistency in managerial procedure.

"There is far too much whispering in corridors and around corners. I feel sorry for Rob Gerrard, and I also feel for directors Richard Noble and Phil Lounder - people I trust. But I simply cannot, and will not, work in an environment which otherwise lacks trust.

"The playing group is good. I believe I put a squad together than can be successful, and I believe it will be. They are a good bunch of guys and I wish them success. I have become very close to Peter Blazincic and Sean Tagg over the course of the season and I hope the team is successful for their sake. They have the best interests of the club at heart, and are damn good at their job. The same must be said of Peter Duke who has been around from day one. A club man through and through.

"Where I go from here I-m not sure. I-ll see which way the wind is blowing. I was digging in the back garden when Griffin rang me a year ago - now I have some time to go back and finish it off."