JOWIC aka Joe Champness to treat fans pre-game

Newcastle Jets fans will be treated to a bit of extra pre-game entertainment on Saturday night.

That's because Newcastle attacker Joe Champness, aka JOWIC, will be laying down some bars before the team's Grand Final rematch against Melbourne Victory.

The 21-year-old, who sustained a fractured foot in pre-season training, is set to give fans a taste of his burgeoning rap career when he performs outside McDonald Jones Stadium at 6.50pm (AEDT).

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“I like to think of myself as a versatile artist, but I just want people to be able to experience how I’m feeling in a certain moment and give them a moment when I perform my songs," he said.

“Back when I started writing, it was always a way for me to express myself and how I was feeling in the moment.

"So when I look to create a product and song, it’s always going to be something that I feel is honest and real, because that’s what I like my music to be.

“[Fans] can expect a lot of energy, what I represent. That is good music and honest music, that’s what I’m looking to deliver.”

Champness can’t pinpoint what ignited his passion for music, but after starting his own label, the Jets striker is hoping to build his music career alongside football.

“When I think about it, I’m not really sure that there’s one thing [that got me into music].

"I’ve always listened to music, and I just remember hearing instrumentals and hearing verses from rappers, and then from a young age I started writing, and over time it progressed into me really falling in love with the craft, and really dedicating a lot of time to writing music.

“[I work with] people I consider family, and people of great family. I’m sure there’s going to be a time hopefully in the future where we look at really giving artists a platform as well, but for now we’re looking to push the regime in terms of projects, and successful projects and singles.”

The forward is set to feature in his second season for the Jets once he returns from injury, and is hoping to make a comeback in the New Year period.

“It’s been going well. I’m back working towards running by late November and then building up my fitness to be back into full training by Christmas time.

"Now that there’s a marker to look forward to, and to lock in and get back ready to play — it’s going well."

JOWIC will perform at 6.50pm outside McDonald Jones Stadium on Saturday, November 2. 

Joey Champness