Joint statement: FFA and Perth Glory FC

Perth Glory Football Club announced today it has accepted Football Federation Australia’s decision and sanction over matters related to the club’s Total Player Payments (‘salary cap’).

This follows the club attending a six hour hearing last night before the independent FFA Disciplinary Committee comprising John Marshall SC (Chairman), Lachlan Gyles SC and Shaun McCarthy. 

“The process provided by this hearing was extremely thorough,” a Perth Glory spokesperson said. “The Club received a real opportunity to be heard by the independent Disciplinary Committee members and put its case.  Following this process the Club has reached the view that it was within FFA’s power to make the decision and apply the sanction and that it is in the interests of the Club and the game to bring the matter to a resolution.”

Perth Glory has provided the following undertakings to FFA:

·         Perth Glory accepts the FFA determination of 10 April including the sanction, which excludes the club from the 2015 Hyundai A-League Final Series and imposes a fine of $269,000

·         Perth Glory accepts the authority of the FFA to make determinations, including sanctions and fines, in relation to the salary cap

·         No actions will be pursued against FFA in respect of its determination.  This includes discontinuing proceedings before FFA’s independent Disciplinary Committee and the West Australian Supreme Court

·         Perth Glory recognises the importance of the Total Player Payments rules and regulations to the integrity of the Hyundai A-League and undertakes to comply strictly with the rules in the future

FFA welcomed Perth Glory’s announcement which will bring resolution of the matter.  As the matters related to the third foreshadowed Show Cause notice were of the same nature and fall within the same period covered by the current sanction it has determined no further sanction will be applied. 

FFA will also assist Perth Glory with reviewing its salary cap processes to ensure future compliance.

“Compliance with the salary cap is critical to the integrity of the Hyundai A-League and any breach affects everyone involved, not just people associated with the club in question,” said FFA CEO David Gallop.

“While we have sympathy for the members, fans, players, coaches and sponsors of Perth Glory, our obligation is to protect the best interests of competition.  We can now quickly move on from this matter and enjoy an exciting finale to the regular season and the Finals Series.

“We understand that Tony Sage has today accepted the resignation of the former CEO, who has accepted full responsibility, and acted alone, and we will work with Tony to ensure that Perth Glory rebuilds and has processes in place to ensure this does not happen again.”