Hyundai Ins & Outs - Round 25

The Hyundai A-League top six may have taken shape but spots in the top four - and a home final - are still up for grabs. See all the squads for Round 25 right here.

Hyundai A-League 2016/17 Round 25 – Indigenous Football Week - Ins and Outs

Friday, 31 March 2017

Adelaide United v Perth Glory

Coopers Stadium, Adelaide

Kick-Off: 7:20PM (Local) (7:50PM (AEDT))

Referee: Alan Milliner

Assistant Referee 1: Matthew Cream

Assistant Referee 2: Paul Cetrangolo

Fourth Official: Daniel Elder

TV Broadcast: Live coverage on Fox Sports 505 from 7.00pm (AEDT), SBS VICELAND from 7.30pm AEDT and Sky Sport 3 (New Zealand)

Radio Broadcast: ABC Grandstand, Crocmedia A-League Live (

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Adelaide United squad: 1.Eugene GALEKOVIC (gk) (c), 2.Michael MARRONE, 4.Dylan McGOWAN, 5.Taylor REGAN, 7.Jae-sung KIM, 8.ISAIAS, 9.Baba DIAWARA, 10.Marcelo CARRUSCA, 11.Sergio CIRIO, 12.Mark OCHIENG, 16.Jesse MAKAROUNAS, 17.Nikola MILEUSNIC, 18.Riley McGREE, 19.Ben GARUCCIO, 21.Tarek ELRICH, 22.Ryan KITTO, 30.Daniel MARGUSH (gk), 92.Eli BABALJ 

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 8.Riley McGREE (returns from international duty), 10.Marcelo CARRUSCA (returns from suspension), 22.Ryan KITTO (promoted) 

Riley McGree has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the Caltex Socceroos.

Outs: 14.George MELLS (not selected)

Unavailable: 3.Iacopo LA ROCCA (hip – 1 week), 23.Jordan ELSEY (knee – season), 24.Jordan O’DOHERTY (ankle – 2 weeks)

Perth Glory squad: 3.Marc WARREN, 6.Dino DJULBIC, 7.Joel CHIANESE, 9.Andy KEOGH, 11.Richard GARCIA, 13.Nick FEELY (gk), 14.Chris HAROLD, 15.Brandon WILSON, 16.Joe MILLS, 17.Diego CASTRO, 18.Mitch OXBORROW, 19.Josh RISDON, 20.Aryn WILLIAMS, 22.Adam TAGGART, 23.Kosta PETRATOS, 26.Lucian GOIAN, 28.Joe KNOWLES, 33.Liam REDDY (gk)

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 15.Brandon WILSON (promoted), 23.Kosta PETRATOS (promoted), 28.Joe KNOWLES (promoted)

Brandon Wilson

Outs: 10.Nebo MARINKOVIC (groin – 1 week)

Unavailable: 2.Alex GRANT (foot – season), 4.Shane LOWRY (quad – season), 5.Rhys WILLLIAMS (suspended – 1 match), 8.Rostyn GRIFFITHS (quad – 1 week) 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Newcastle Jets v Western Sydney Wanderers FC

McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle

Kick-Off: 5:35PM (Local) (5:35PM (AEDT))

Referee: Shaun Evans

Assistant Referee 1: Ryan Gallagher

Assistant Referee 2: Kearney Robinson

Fourth Official: Ben Abraham

TV Broadcast: Live coverage on Fox Sports 505 from 5.00pm (AEDT) and Sky Sport 3 (New Zealand)

Radio Broadcast: ABC Grandstand Online & via the ABC Radio Mobile App – A-league Live, Hawkesbury Radio

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Newcastle Jets squad: 2.Daniel MULLEN, 3.Jason HOFFMAN, 4.Nigel BOOGAARD (c), 5.Ben KANTAROVSKI, 6.Steven UGARKOVIC, 7.Andrew HOOLE, 8.Mateo POLJAK, 9.Aleksandr KOKKO, 10.Wayne BROWN, 13.Ivan VUJICA, 15.Andrew NABBOUT, 16.Nicholas COWBURN, 18.MA Leilei, 19.Morten NORDSTRAND, 20.Jack DUNCAN (gk), 22.Lachlan JACKSON, 29.Joel ALLWRIGHT, 50.Tomislav ARCABA (gk)

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 5.Ben KANTAROVSKI (promoted), 8.Mateo POLJAK (promoted), 16.Nicholas COWBURN (returns from international duty)

Victory playmaker James Troisi and the Jets' Mateo Poljak battle for possession at McDonald Jones Stadium.

Outs: 28.Johnny KOUTROUMBIS (groin – 1-2 weeks)

Unavailable: 1.Ben KENNEDY (gk) (achilles – season), 21.Daniel ALESSI (knee – season)

Western Sydney Wanderers FC squad: 1.Jerrad TYSON (gk), 2.Shannon COLE, 3.Jack CLISBY, 5.Brendan HAMILL, 6.Mitch NICHOLS, 8.DIMAS (c), 10.Nicolás MARTÍNEZ, 12.Scott NEVILLE, 14.Jumpei KUSUKAMI, 15.Kearyn BACCUS, 16.Jaushua SOTIRIO, 18.Robert CORNTHWAITE, 20.Vedran JANJETOVIC (gk), 22.Jonathan ASPROPOTAMITIS, 23.Lachlan SCOTT, 24.Terry ANTONIS, 29.Ryan GRIFFITHS, 49.Abraham MAJOK

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 8.DIMAS (c) (returns from personal leave), 29.Ryan GRIFFITHS (promoted), 49.Abraham MAJOK (promoted)

Wanderers skipper Dimas Delgado hopes to stay at the club beyond this season.

Outs: 11.Brendon SANTALAB (suspended – 1 match)

Unavailable: Jacob MELLING (back – indefinite)

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sydney FC v Melbourne City FC

Allianz Stadium, Sydney

Kick-Off: 7:50PM (Local) (7:50PM (AEDT))

Referee: Peter Green

Assistant Referee 1: Ashley Beecham

Assistant Referee 2: Scott Edeling

Fourth Official: Kris Griffiths-Jones

TV Broadcast: Live coverage on Fox Sports 505 from 7.45pm (AEDT) and Sky Sport 3 (New Zealand)

Radio Broadcast: ABC Grandstand Online & via the ABC Radio Mobile App – A-league Live, 1116 SEN (Melbourne)

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Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 4.Alex WILKINSON, 5.Jordy BUIJS, 6.Joshua BRILLANTE, 7.Michael ZULLO, 8.Milos DIMITRIJEVIC, 9.BOBÔ, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11.Bernie IBINI, 12.Aaron CALVER, 13.Brandon O’NEILL, 14.Alex BROSQUE (c), 17.David CARNEY, 18.Matt SIMON, 19.George BLACKWOOD, 20.Danny VUKOVIC (gk), 21.Filip HOLOSKO, 23.Rhyan GRANT

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 19.George BLACKWOOD (promoted), 20.Danny VUKOVIC (gk) (returns from international duty), 23.Rhyan GRANT (returns from international duty)

Sydney FC's Rhyan Grant has earned a maiden call-up to the Socceroos.

Outs: 40.Thomas HEWARD-BELLE (gk) (returns to NPL squad)

Unavailable: 22.Seb RYALL (hamstring – 1 week)

Melbourne City FC squad: 1.Thomas SORENSEN (gk), 2.Manny MUSCAT, 3.Josh ROSE, 5.Ivan FRANJIC, 6.Osama MALIK, 8.Neil KILKENNY, 9.Nicolas COLAZO, 10.Anthony CACERES, 11.Bruce KAMAU, 12.Nick FITZGERALD, 14.Daniel ARZANI, 17.Tim CAHILL, 18.Paulo RETRE, 20.Dean BOUZANIS (gk), 21.Ruon TONGYIK, 23.Bruno FORNAROLI, 26.Luke BRATTAN, 34.Dennis GENREAU

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 17.Tim CAHILL (returns from international duty), 34.Denis GENREAU (promoted)

Tim Cahill

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 7.Corey GAMEIRO (ACL – season), 27.Fernando BRANDAN (ACL – season), 28.Steve KUZMANOVSKI (ACL – season)

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Melbourne Victory v Wellington Phoenix

AAMI Park, Melbourne

Kick-Off: 5:00PM (Local) (5:00PM (AEST))

Referee: Jarred Gillett

Assistant Referee 1: George Lakrindis

Assistant Referee 2: Luke Brennan

Fourth Official: Jonathan Barreiro

TV Broadcast: Live coverage on Fox Sports 505 from 4.30pm (AEST) and Sky Sport 2 (New Zealand)

Radio Broadcast: ABC Grandstand Online & via the ABC Radio Mobile App – A-league Live, 1116 SEN (Melbourne)

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Melbourne Victory squad: 2.Jason GERIA, 4.Nick ANSELL, 5.Daniel GEORGIEVSKI, 6.Leigh BROXHAM, 7.Marco ROJAS, 8.Besart BERISHA, 10.James TROISI, 11.Mitch AUSTIN, 14.Fahid BEN KHALFALLAH, 15.Alan BARO, 16.Rashid MAHAZI, 17.James DONACHIE, 20.Lawrence THOMAS (gk), 21.Carl VALERI (c), 22.Stefan NIGRO, 23.Jai INGHAM, 31.Christian THEOHAROUS, 40.Matt ACTON (gk)

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 7.Marco ROJAS (returns from international duty), 8.Besart BERISHA (returns from international duty), 10.James TROISI (returns from international duty), 16.Rashid MAHAZI (promoted), 23.Jai INGHAM (returns from international duty)

Victory winger Marco Rojas says his side must be clinical in Friday's clash with Sydney FC.

Outs: 19.George HOWARD (omitted), 32.Cameron MCGILP (omitted), 35.Josh HOPE (omitted)

Unavailable: Nil

Wellington Phoenix squad: 1.Glen MOSS (gk), 4.Roly BONEVACIA, 6.Dylan FOX, 7.Gui FINKLER, 8.Alex RODRIGUEZ, 9.Kosta BARBAROUSES, 10.Michael MCGLINCHEY, 11.Hamish WATSON, 12.Adam PARKHOUSE, 13.Marco ROSSI, 17.Vince LIA, 19.Tom DOYLE, 20.Lewis ITALIANO (gk), 21.Roy KRISHNA, 22.Andrew DURANTE (c), 23.Matthew RIDENTON, 25.Sarpreet SINGH, 99.Shane SMELTZ

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 1.Glen MOSS (gk) (returns from international duty), 10.Michael MCGLINCHEY (returns from international duty), 19.Tom DOYLE, 21.Roy KRISHNA (returns from international duty), 22.Andrew DURANTE (returns from international duty), 99.Shane SMELTZ (returns from international duty)

Wellington Phoenix goalkeeper Glen Moss has questioned the commitment of some of his team-mates after the loss to the Wanderers.

Outs: 5.Ryan LOWRY (omitted), 24.Logan ROGERSON (omitted), 26.Jack-Henry SINCLAIR (omitted), 30.Oliver SAIL (gk) (omitted)

Unavailable: 15.James MCGARRY (glandular fever – 4 weeks), 16.Louis FENTON (groin – season)

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Brisbane Roar FC v Central Coast Mariners

Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

Kick-Off: 7:00PM (Local) (7:00PM (AEST))

Referee: Daniel Elder

Assistant Referee 1: Nathan MacDonald

Assistant Referee 2: Anton Shchetinin

Fourth Official: Alex King

TV Broadcast: Live coverage on Fox Sports 505 from 7.00pm (AEST) and Sky Sport 2 (New Zealand)

Radio Broadcast: ABC Radio Brisbane, ABC Radio Central Coast, ABC Radio Qld, Grandstand Digital, Online & via the ABC Radio Mobile App – A-league Live, Coast FM 96.3

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Brisbane Roar FC squad: 3.Luke DEVERE, 5.Corey BROWN, 6.Avram PAPADOPOULOS, 7.Thomas KRISTENSEN, 8.Jacob PEPPER, 9.Jamie MACLAREN, 10.Brett HOLMAN, 13.Jade NORTH (c), 15.ARANA, 19.Jack HINGERT, 20.Shannon BRADY, 21.Jamie YOUNG (gk), 22.Thomas BROICH, 26.Nick D’AGOSTINO, 28.Brandon BORRELLO, 29.Joe CALETTI, 43.Tomislav BILIC (gk), 46.Cameron CRESTANI

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 15.ARANA (promoted), 46.Cameron CRESTANI (promoted)

Brisbane Roar players celebrate Manuel Arana's goal against Global FC in their ACL qualifier.

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 1.Michael THEO (gk) (suspended – 1 match), 4.Daniel BOWLES (knee – season), 11.Tommy OAR (hamstring – 1-2 weeks), 17.Matt MCKAY (knee – 4-6 weeks), 24.Connor O’TOOLE (ankle – 2 weeks)

Central Coast Mariners squad: 1.Ivan NECEVSKI (gk), 2.Storm ROUX (c), 3.Scott GALLOWAY, 5.Harry ASCROFT, 7.Fabio FERREIRA, 9.Roy O’DONOVAN, 11.Connor PAIN, 12.Trent BUHAGIAR, 13.Kwabena APPIAH, 14.Adam BERRY, 16.Liam ROSE, 17.Josh BINGHAM, 19.Jacques FATY, 20.Paul IZZO (gk), 21.Michael NEILL, 22.Jake McGING, 26.Steve WHYTE, 27.Lachlan WALES

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 26.Steve WHYTE (promoted), 27.Lachlan WALES (promoted), 21.Michael NEILL (promoted)

Michael Neill and Matt McKay jostle for the ball in Gosford.

Outs: 8.Nick MONTGOMERY (suspended – 1 match)

Unavailable:  4.Jacob POSCOLIERO (quad – 1 week), 6.Blake POWELL (knee – 3 weeks), 10.Mickael TAVARES (ankle – indefinite), 23.Jake ADELSON (ACL – indefinite)

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