Hyundai A-League Performers of the Week: Round 21

Which players stood out from a thrilling round of action in the Hyundai A-League? 

Based on a range of metrics provided by Opta, the A-League’s official data provider, here are the best-performing individuals from Round 21.  


Jamie Young (Roar) - Made a remarkable 10 saves in his side's 1-0 loss to the Jets, six more than any other player.

Jamie Young
Jamie Young


Thomas Deng (Victory) - Won 4/8 duels, made three clearances and finished with a passing accuracy of 98% from his 40 attempts.

Alex Grant (Glory) - Made a game-high seven clearances, won 7/8 duels and made 56 pass attempts for an accuracy of 88%.

Nikolai Topor-Stanley (Jets) - Made 48 pass attempts with an accuracy of 88% and won 6/7 duels.

Leigh Broxham (Victory) - Made a game-high six clearances, and finished with a passing accuracy of 96% from 50 attempts.

Alex Grant
Alex Grant


Leroy George (Victory) - Created two scoring chances and was the only player to both score and assist a goal. 

Neil Kilkenny (Glory) - Scored a goal and made a round-high 81 pass attempts, finishing with an accuracy of 89%.

Milos Ninkovic (Sydney FC) - Created a game-high three scoring chances, including an assist, made 41 pass attempts and contested 14 duels.

Adrian Mierzejewski (Sydney FC) - Produced a round-high four shots on target, scored two goals and contested 16 duels.

Adrian Miezejewski
Adrian Miezejewski


Besart Berisha (Victory) - Scored a goal, created one scoring chance and contested eight duels.

Oriol Riera (Wanderers) - Contested a game-high 20 duels, made 34 pass attempts and scored from his lone shot at goal.

Besart Berisha