Hyundai A-League Friday Fast Five Quiz

How well do you know the Hyundai A-League? Take our Friday Fast Five Quiz and find out! 

Answers are at the bottom of the page - no cheating!

1. Which is the only Hyundai A-League team not to have scored a headed goal this season?

2. Name the player who has taken the most shots at goal this season.

3. Which coach will take charge of his 250th Hyundai A-League game this weekend?

4. Three imports are among the top five passers in the opposition half this season - who are they?

5. Which team is yet to register a home win this season?

Newcastle Jets


Jack Hingert challenges Johan Absalonsen for a header during the Reds' 2-1 win in Round 2.



1. Melbourne City

2. Bobo (Sydney FC)

3. Ernie Merrick (Newcastle Jets)

4. Tom Hiariej (CCM), Daniel Adlung (Adelaide United) and Wout Brama (CCM)

5. Melbourne Victory