Hyundai A-league 2011/12 Fixtures for your Calendar

Download Hyundai A-league 20101/12 Fixtures for your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

HAL Download this season's fixtures to your Outlook, iCal or Google calendar. Instructions given below.

For further information on fixtures and ticketing, please click here

Instructions for Outlook 2002/03 and Apple iCal users: ( The .ics format is readable by Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal)

1. Download the basic.ics file by clicking here .
2. Save the file onto your desktop.
3. Open Outlook. Select the 'Import and Export' option under the 'File' menu. For iCal users: Open iCal and select 'Import' under the 'File' menu.
4. Choose the 'Import as an iCalendar or vCalendar File (.vcs)' option and click 'Next'. For iCal users : Select 'Import as as iCal file'.
5. Select the public.ics file from where you saved in step 1, select it and press OK.
6. The fixtures will now display on your Outlook/iCal calendar. The basic.ics file is no longer needed.

Note : Due to limitations of Microsoft Outlook and Apple iCal , the downloaded (public.ics) calendar does not have the auto update feature.Therefore, your calendar will NOT be updated automatically when changes are made to fixtures.
Also, Outlook 2002/03 users will have to manually delete previous versions of the fixtures from their calendar to prevent duplication of entries.

Instructions for Google Calendar users:
To add this calendar to your personal Google calendar click on the '+ Google Calendar' button at the bottom right of the calendar.
Google Calendar will update your downloaded calendars when there is a change to fixtures. However,It will not automatically send you an update.
To enable this feature, you will have to manually subscribe to alerts from your calendar settings.

Please note : All match times are listed in Australian Eastern time zones and fixtures are subject to change without notice.
By downloading/using this Calendar, you accept that this calendar is meant for private use only.