Gombau's tirade at 'backstabbing' media

Adelaide United coach Josep Gombau has used a Saturday press conference to launch an extraordinary attack on a 'backstabbing' journalist.

Adelaide United coach Josep Gombau has used a Saturday press conference to launch an extraordinary attack on a 'backstabbing' journalist before saying he was talking with club officials about a contract extension, comments subsequently denied by the Reds.

In a bizarre day, even by the standards of Adelaide United, Spaniard Gombau took aim at a local journalist who he felt was conspiring to prevent Gombau developing the type of football the coach wanted his team to play.

"What I don't like is when people they lie, and when one is honest in front and after they put the knife in the back like some people," said Gombau to a journalist from the Adelaide Advertiser.

"I am very honest. People like you, in front you make one face.

"Everybody is supporting me and we'll go in this way. I think that the results will come."

Heading into Sunday's bottom-of-the-table clash with the winless Melbourne Heart, the Reds will be desperate to turn around a five-match winless run that goes back to their opening-round victory over Perth Glory.

Yet, despite the club only earning two points from this run of matches, Gombau said he had already been in talks with the club about an extension on his contract, one that is scheduled to finish at the end of next season.

However, a media release from the club itself soon disputed that version of events.

The statement read: "Gombau stated that following a Board meeting on Tuesday he had been tabled a two year contract extension. While discussions were held about Gombau's longer term plans, the club confirms that no formal contract extension was or has been offered."

According to Reds CEO Glenn Elliott, the Adelaide board is standing behind Gombau despite the poor run of results.

"Josep did meet with the Board, not as a matter of discussing his role but just as part of the general monthly football update, and he outlined where we'd come from, where we've progressed to and where we hope to get to," said Elliott.

"Results were discussed but we all agreed that winning comes as a consequence of structures and styles of play. Josep was contracted for an initial two years and he indicated he is very happy and settled in Adelaide and with the way the team was progressing.

"He indicated he would be happy to stay longer but there were no formal discussions about any form of specific contract extension. Right now Josep is here for two years, he is happy with the club's development, we are happy with him, and we will continue along that path.

In the media release, Gombau said his comments may have been somewhat lost in the translation from his native Spanish.

"We have spoken about the future and the Board gave me their full support," Gombau said.

"It is true that we had some informal discussions about the longer term but the words I used and the way I explained the situation did not come out as I intended."

In other A-League news, Perth Glory have decided not to proceed with a court challenge to the A-League's match review panel over a two-match suspension for skipper Jacob Burns.

Glory chief executive Jason Brewer said he didn't feel it was in the game's interest to challenge the MRP at a Supreme Court level, despite the club being particularly disappointed with the outcome.

"We support the MRP, if it operates consistently, and this can only occur if it is focused on identifying and correcting obvious and major errors in the disciplinary decisions of the match officials. Inconsistencies will only undermine player and club confidence in the MRP process," Brewer said.

"It is not the purpose of the MRP to review all incidents that it believes may have escaped the attention of the referee, particularly when the referee has had the clear opportunity to witness an incident, form an opinion and adjudicate. To do so goes very close to 're-refereeing' the game which is firmly against the principles of FIFA.

"Our frustrations in this matter are further compounded by the current regulations, that do not hold the MRP accountable for their decisions, and do not entitle the Player or the Club to refer the matter to the Disciplinary Committee."