Gombau: Reds can get better

Adelaide United coach Josep Gombau is pleased with how his side are improving, but says there is still work to be done.

Adelaide United coach Josep Gombau is pleased with how his side are improving, but says there is still work to be done.

Gombau was happy following his team's inspired performance in their 3-0 win over Sydney, but said he would not get too carried away with any one result, win, lose or draw.

'We're happy today for the game that we played,' Gombau said.

'We are satisfied, but in the end that's football. Last week at this time I was sad because we lost in Wellington.'

Instead, the Spaniard said he would continue to focus on his side's three main objectives.

'We have three objectives in Adelaide,' Gombau said.

'The first is to play the best football that we can. Every Saturday or Sunday when we play, we try to play the best that we can.

'The second objective is to work with the young kids and create our players so that one day they play with Adelaide United or we can sell them overseas or to another club in the A-League.

'The third one is that every Sunday when the people come to the stadium, they enjoy.

'With this we are satisfied.'

The win over Sydney FC moves the Reds into fifth spot on the ladder, but Gombau said ladder position was not a concern.

'If at the end of one year we are in the finals, perfect. If we are in the top six, perfect.

'If one year we don't make the finals, perfect also because we have these objectives because we know that we cannot compete with the big cities and we cannot compete with the big clubs that can spend money and can bring marquee players and can have a lot of things.'

'We are not a big club, Adelaide is not a big city in Australia and we are not spending a lot of money, and our three objectives are very easy.

'We need to create and work with our team and this is all we need to do.'

Despite being one of the form sides in the competition, Gombau said the job was far from over.

'We are a team that are starting in a project, just six or seven months.

'The project when I came here in my mind was two years and this is just the first.

'I am happy because we are playing the way we want to play, but we did make mistakes.

'For the time that we have invested we are doing well, I am so happy with the players … but I know inside me that there are a lot of things to improve.

'We made mistakes sometimes in decision making. When we make the pass sometimes it is not the correct pass. We took some risks that we can improve on.

'At the end of the season we will see where we are.'