Glen Trifiro: United more than just a club

It didn't take crafty midfield maestro Glen Trifiro long to become one of the fan favourites of Sydney United 58 FC upon returning to the club this year.

It didn-t take crafty midfield maestro Glen Trifiro long to become one of the fan favourites of IGA National Premier Leagues NSW Mens 1 Premiers Sydney United 58 FC upon returning to the club this year.

The tricky midfielder, who earned the plaudits from his fellow peers as being one of the competition-s expert set piece specialists has been one of the main catalysts behind Sydney United 58 FC-s success this year.

Apart from his peers, the club-s passionate supporters group named Trifiro their best player for 2013 something Trifiro was very grateful for.

“They watch us every week, whether we play at home or away, they-re always there like a twelfth man cheering us on to victory.

“It was special to receive such an award from them all.

“They came to Brisbane and made their presence felt and I know that they-ll do what it takes to make the trip to Hobart to support us.”

The club steeped rich with history and culture are preparing for one of their biggest games since their existence as they face Tasmanian Premiers South Hobart FC this Sunday for the inaugural NPL Final at Hobart.

“It is a great achievement for our club to be in the first ever NPL final.

“From day one, we wanted to be successful in anything we do and we set out a list of goals and objectives for the year.

“We have our sights set firmly on winning and becoming the first NPL Champions and that is all we are thinking about for this weekend.”

Getting to the Final was by no means an easy feat.

The club endured a seven goal thriller as they edged past Brisbane-s Olympic FC 4-3 in what was a heart wrenching affair of football.

“It was a tough game which we took a lot of positives from as well as identified things we need to do better to be more effective in these big games.

“Olympic FC were no easy beats, and we fought hard to make sure we continued on to the final.”

The NPL Finals have been a huge success according to Trifiro who stated just the trip up to Brisbane travelling with the squad to play football in a major tournament was a step in the right direction for the game in Australia.

“Many boys in state league environments have not had the opportunity to travel interstate and take part in a nationwide competition so it was fantastic experience for those boys.

“It-s definitely a great competition to be involved in and a new incentive throughout our local NPL competitions.

“It-s more games, more football and an opportunity to take part in bigger games against different opposition.”

Sydney United 58 FC-s opponents come into this match with the ‘underdogs- tag but as Trifiro lamented, they certainly will not be taking them lightly.

“We have touched on them briefly and identified ways in which we can beat them.

“We are always given information about our opposition.

“We are preparing for this match like any other however we are aware that it-s a final, it-s a massive game and we are all looking forward to a tough match and a good result for our club.

“To get to the Final was no easy feat so I know they-ll be up for the match especially in front of their fans.”

One figure that has stood tall amongst the rest of the squad this year has been United 58 FC-s charismatic coach Mark Rudan who played a pivotal role in the club-s success this year.

“Mark has been the brains behind our season.

“Our structures are in place, we work hard under his guidance and we have understood what he wanted from day one.

“He's a smart, modern coach who believes in every player and gives us the confidence to be successful.”

With only days before kick-off Trifiro understood the importance of what this NPL Final match meant to not just himself but to the club and the state of New South Wales and stated to Football NSW that to win such a tournament would sit in one of his highlights of his career.

“It's a huge achievement, not just for all the players and staff involved.

“It-s much bigger than that as we are representing the state of NSW.

“This is an opportunity for our club to be recognised again nationwide.

“Sydney United 58 FC has a huge history and the club deserves as much success as possible.

“We all understand where we stand, and we are looking forward to Sunday afternoon.”