Free Kicks | Rocky Visconte

The Roar midfielder talks Wagon Wheels, Charlie Sheen and why Berisha should play the drums.

The Roar midfielder talks Wagon Wheels, Charlie Sheen and why Besart Berisha should play the drums.

Hey Rocky. We hear you've just come back from grocery shopping. What's in the basket?

Hi mate, it-s my turn to do dinner. Tonight I-m making butter chicken. It-s pretty easy, a bit of rice, the jar with the seasoning you like, throw in the chicken and that-s it.

Can you cook? I-ve been living by myself so I had to learn to cook, and this season me and Matty Jurman are living together so we take it in turns. Last night he cooked pasta bake and tonight he said he feels like Indian. I do most of the cooking - he moved straight out of home to here - but my mum taught me how to cook. He can cook a bit of bolognaise and the pasta bake, which was a surprise.

What's your favourite biscuit? Wagon Wheels - do they count?

Yeah, that's a biscuit. If you cut a sandwich in half, does it become half a sandwich or two sandwiches? I-d see it as two sandwiches I reckon.

Which would be worse - getting hit in the head by a actual tuna or a tin of tuna? If you-re hit in a head with an actual tuna, people would laugh at you more. It would be quite painful and funnier for other people.

Who-s greater? King Kong or Godzilla? Godzilla. He-s more scary I reckon. If I came across both I-d be more scared of Godzilla.

Who is the Roar FIFA champ? And who-s the worst? Probably Ivan Franjic. Who-s worst? There-s a few of them... I reckon Matt Jurman, just quietly.

If you weren-t a footballer, what would you be? Growing up I always wanted to be involved in sport, so being a PE teacher would probably be the best way. I-d be good - PE teachers are easy going, it-s a fun subject, you working with kids. it-d be good.

Favourite TV show? I always loved Two and a Half Men but since Charlie Sheen-s gone... I dunno now. I like his new one, Anger Management, that-s good. I like Charlie. For some reason I find him funny, even in serious movies. It-s just him, I don-t know why.

Your Wikipedia says you were mugged in Edinburgh and lost 300 quid - is this true? Yes, that-s true.

If you were to set up a four-piece band made up of Brisbane players, who-d be singer/guitar/bass/drums? Drums would be Besart, because he likes to hit things... Lead guitar would be Thomas Broich, because him and James Meyer both play guitar and take them on away trips, they-re pretty good. So Thomas on lead, and James on bass because James always follows him. The singer - I reckon Massimo (Murdocca).

And a name for the band? The name would have to be “The Leather Jackets”, because Thomas and Jamo both love a leather jacket. James doesn-t wear his anymore because he knows he gets smashed for it.

Who has got the worst dress sense? There-s a few... Luke Brattan dresses like he-s a black guy, the big T-shirts, like the Americans. Obviously James Meyer. First he wears his leather jackets and he loves a pair of those tan-coloured Timberland shoes. James Meyer-s combo definitely.

What three people - dead or alive - would you invite round for dinner? Ooh.. I-d have to invite my roommate, otherwise he-d hate me. I-m thinking about it but... I-ve got a girlfriend - so you-d have to wouldn-t you? And... Actually, Charlie Sheen!

What-s the first thing you-d do if you won the lotto? Move to America. I-ve always loved America, I-m into my NBA and stuff like that.

Finish these sentences… My coach is... Erm... a nice guy.

The A-League is... A league going forward.

My teammates would say I am… Easy going.

Can you tell us a joke? There-s loads but I can-t say them... Have you heard of Liverpool-s new Korean coach? Win One-Soon...

Nice work, cheers Rocky. Good luck on the weekend.