Free Kicks | Marco Rojas

The Victory star joins us to discuss his street cred, his beloved All Whites and Archie Thompson.

Hey Marco, congrats on a great start to the season. Thanks, hopefully I can get a bit better again.

You-re a proud Kiwi, but what-s the best thing about living in Melbourne? I guess the city, the café-s, the restaurants and the diversity of cultures, it-s a pretty cool city to get around.

Having said that, what-s the best thing about New Zealand? The landscape side of things, it-s such a beautiful place.

You-re a young player… who-s good value off the pitch at the Victory? I hang out with Jimmy Jeggo and Petar Franjic a lot, those two guys and Mark Milligan and Archie Thompson, because they live pretty close.

We hear Archie is a bit of a jokester? Yeah, he-s a pretty funny guy, he keeps the boys happy and entertained. We call him the Nike king, though because he loves to show off his new gear.

We hear you like the FIFA 13, who dominates at the club? I haven-t played everyone, but Marcos Flores seems to rate his game.

You-ve had a broken jaw in the past. Does that give you street cred as a footballer? I don-t know if it gives me street cred but I guess it might give me a little to get a broken jaw during a game.

If you managed to win Lotto, what would you do with the cash? I-d go on a holiday. I missed most of mine in the last off-season playing for the All Whites, I-d head to Europe.

Who-d win a match between the All Whites and the Socceroos right now? I have to say the All Whites, we-re playing alright.

Finish some sentences for us mate

In the next two years the All Whites will… be coming off another incredible World Cup experience.

This season Melbourne Victory will… score plenty of goals.

In two years time I will be… more than likely the same size, but hopefully a little bit stronger.

My teammates would say I… don-t talk enough.

Harry Kewell is… an amazing person to play with and a nice person off the field as well, it was nice for a young player like me to play with him.