Free Kicks | Jake Barker-Daish

Reds young gun Jake Barker-Daish discusses ESPN's faux pas, James Brown’s glasses and Usain Bolt playing football.

Adelaide United young gun Jake Barker-Daish joins us to chat about ESPN faux pas, James Brown-s glasses and the idea of Usain Bolt playing football.

Jake, we hear you like a bit of Playstation action, who is the best at Adelaide United at FIFA and who do you play as?

I usually play as Real Madrid and I-ve been told Iain Ramsay is the best, but he hasn-t played me yet, so I-m not too sure if that-s true.

You're also a big sports fan - If there was anyone from any other sport who would make it in the A-League who would it be?

Maybe Usain Bolt, he said he was interested in playing and he might get away with it in the A-League, I-d like to see it happen but it-s probably a long shot.

Speaking of a long shot you-re a Melbourne boy… got a Cox Plate tip?

Na I haven-t, I-m just fresh off the Caulfield Cup, so I haven-t even looked yet.

If you weren-t- a footballer what would you be doing?

I-d love to be playing in the NBA for my favourite team the Brooklyn Nets.

There are some crazy stories in the NBA, have you ever read something ridiculous about yourself in the media?

Yes, on ESPN after an A-League game they had the team sheet and they had me listed as Bark-Dog, as in ‘B-A-R-K hyphen D-O-G-, that was my name, one of the fans sent it through to me on Twitter, so that was pretty funny.

You played in a very young team at Gold Coast United... Who is the most stylish bloke in the A-League?

James Brown without a doubt, although even though he claims he needs the glasses I have my doubts.

You're at a new team this year, so at the risk of alienating them, who are your most fun teammates and most annoying teammates?

The most fun is probably Jon McKain or Zenon Caravella, they-re both pretty funny guys, as for the most annoying it would have to be Jacob Melling.

Finish a couple of sentences for us now Jake.

John Kosmina is…. (pauses) a fantastic coach.

Your teammates would say you are…. An idiot!

Thanks for your time Jake, keep enjoying the winning start at Adelaide United.