Free Kicks | Dominik Ritter

The Jets defender opens up on M&Ms, hot cheese and Michael Bridges's bad pants.

The Jets defender on M&Ms, hot cheese and Michael Bridges's bad pants.

Hi Dominik! How's life treating the Ritter today? Good thanks. I just had training in the morning, went with the boys to have some lunch. I-m enjoying life in Newcastle, it-s beautiful.

Have you been surfing? I haven-t been yet, I-m not sure if i-m going to try. I walk to the beach and a lot of people are always surfing but I don-t know if I-ll try it it.

Are you a beach person? I like the pool more than swimming in the sea but I like getting a tan at the beach.

OK, down to the important stuff. What's your favourite biscuit? Erm... do M&M-s count?

They'll do. Can you cook? I like to cook meat. Maybe some pasta or veggies but mostly meat.

Any Swiss specialities? I don-t cook Swiss food because a lot of it is with hot cheese and usually eaten in winter when it-s cold, so it-s not suitable for here.

Nothing like a hot summer fondue! Who-s greater - King Kong or Godzilla? King Kong. A big monkey-s better than a big lizard.

Sound logic. What's your favourite TV show? Entourage. I don-t know if it-s still going I just watch it on the internet - it-s a good series. Australian TV is pretty good otherwise.

If you were to set up a band for the Newcastle Jets, who-d be in it? Browny (James Brown) would be in it for sure. He looks like a rock star. I don-t know who-s a good singer though.

Talking of singing, did you have to sing for your initiation into the club? Oh yes, of course, I sang a German song at a training camp in Canberra. I sang it in German so no one could understand. It-s called Ich habe genug (“I have enough” - we think...). It-s just a love song. I don-t like it much but I knew it and it-s easy to sing in German.

We'll listen out for it. Who has got the worst dress sense at the Jets? Maybe Bridgey (Michael Bridges). Sometimes he wears really strange clothes. He-s sponsored by Pele (sports brand), so mostly all Pele clothes. When I first came here and the weather was really cold he had some really strange pants and jacket on. That was funny.

We'll have to wait til we see these funny pants for ourselves. What three people - dead or alive - would you invite round for dinner? Maybe Michael Jackson... He-s a legend! And some girls, for sure. The other two would be pretty girls - and Michael Jackson.

That's an odd selection but, hey, it's your party. What-s the first thing you-d do if you won the lotto? I would save money and spend some of it. I-d buy a house, a good car. If it-s enough I would save and spend some.

Very sensible. Does anyone have a nickname at the club? I do - Ruben calls me “The Destroyer” and also “Solid”. I don-t know why he called me The Destoyer, it was when I first came here. Then we went on a weekend trip for golfing and fishing and a couple of games of poker after dinner, and then he started calling me “Solid”.

Can you tell us a joke? No. I-m really bad at telling jokes. I like them but I always forget them.

Ha ha ha, good one! OK, finish this sentence: my teammates would say I am... Erm... honest? That-s a good question. That would be good to know, I don-t know what they would say.

We'll ask around for you. Thanks Solid. Good luck on the weekend.