Football Forum wrap | Melbourne

FFA CEO David Gallop met football fans in Melbourne on Tuesday and discuss the direction of the game in Australia. Catch up with some of the key comments...

FFA CEO David Gallop, Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun and former Socceroo Steve Horvat met fans in Melbourne on Tuesday and discuss the direction of football in Australia.

More than 100 football fans attended the second football forum at AAMI Park's Olympic room for a lively Q&A about the state of the game.

Wednesday's Football Forum Western Sydney Wednesday 20 February, 2013 7:30-9:30pm University of Western Sydney, Parramatta Building EA, room G.18

Western Sydney Fan Forum Panel FFA CEO David Gallop Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun Former Socceroo and SBS pundit Craig Foster Join the discussion on Twitter with the hashtag #FootballForums

Here are some of the key questions and responses from Tuesday night on Twitter...

Football Australia @FFA First Q from the floor: How do we improve coverage of the game in the media? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Gallop: Coverage has improved this year, we are continuing to build relationships across platforms #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: Ratings up in the @ALeague & with SBS coming in next season it will definitely become even more mainstream#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q from the floor: How do we stop all fans being tarred with the same brush, due to the behaviour of a very limited few #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun We need to continue to work closely w/ all key authorities. If fans see bad behaviour, need to point it out#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: We'll continue to work closely w/all active groups across the @ALeague & get this behaviour out of the game#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q from the floor: Why isn't there an FA Cup style tournament in Aus?#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: Not a matter of if, but when. Still a lot of work to do on this front, but it will happen #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q from the floor: How do we attract and engage more women in football? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: I see it as a big opportunity.We have an advantage. Many young girls playing football. We are focused on it#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q from the floor: How do we improve the standard of the refereeing in the @ALeague? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: Standard of refereeing is improving, but perhaps not at the same level play is improving #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: The way some refs are treated at a community level is a disgrace. We've got to hold people accountable & say that's not on

Football Australia @FFA @Steve_Horvat: Dubious decisions in leagues across the world.Everybody is working hard on it. More training, more education#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q from the floor: Is there more promotion of #NYL (National Youth League) games possible? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: This weekend is a massive weekend, with title on the line between @gomvfc & @CCMariners #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA #NYL curtain raisers are something that we are looking at going forward & have seen similar in other codes #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q: What are the plans for the @WLeague going forward?#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: Big focus for us. More rounds next year? We're deciding on this and should know within a month #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: Success of the @WLeague crucial to the@TheMatildas success in the future as well #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Now onto the players... Q: Are we forgetting our young future stars by focusing on marquees? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @Steve_Horvat: There are certainly players getting lots of opportunities in the @ALeague now. Lot of programs in place to promote youth.

Football Australia @FFA Q: There seems to be a lack of qualified coaches. Anything being done to make coaching courses more affordable? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA A: Reduction in fees something that is being looked into, is certainly being followed up & we are aware of it #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Onto the national team... @Socceroos now the focus of the#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q: Why is the next Melbourne game at Etihad and not at AAMI Park?#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: We think there will be more fans than would fit into AAMI Park. People want to see the Socceroos #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q: Will Australian volunteers be able to volunteer at the Asian Cup when Australia hosts it in 2015? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: Definitely. I don't think people realise how big this Cup is going to be #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q: Why do the @Socceroos not play in Perth and Adelaide?#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: We'll certainly look into that, I'm not aware of the history but I will be asking questions about it #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q from the floor: Fees... Can be expensive to get your kids playing regularly. What can be done to reduce these costs?#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: We are certainly reviewing it, but it's not that easy to reduce a lot of the fees that exist. We'll keep working w/ all levels

Football Australia @FFA Q from @MickLynch_Age here tonight: Can we focus more on getting football into school system? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: Schools are very important. Football needs to drive & state ass'ns doing what they can. Needs to be core part of strategy

Football Australia @FFA Q: Facilities and the usage of grounds. What can be done to improve access to grounds? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: The short answer, in the last few weeks we've identified this an issue & working hard to lobby & improve this#FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA Q: Will we bid for another World Cup? #FootballForums

Football Australia @FFA David Gallop: At the moment, there are no plans in the short term to bid #FootballForums