Football Forum | fans' reaction

Catch up on all the conversation between FFA CEO David Gallop and football fans from Tuesday night's Football Forum in Sydney.

The first 2013 Football Forum got underway in Sydney last night, with a large turnout of football fans attending The Star to grill FFA CEO David Gallop, Head of A-League Damien de Bohun and former Socceroo Mark Bosnich on a wide range of matters relating to the beautiful game in Australia.

The next Football Forums will take place on the following dates:

Melbourne Tuesday 19 February, 2013 7:30-9:30pm Olympic Room, AAMI Park
Melbourne Fan Forum Panel FFA CEO David Gallop Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun Former Socceroo Steve Horvat
Western Sydney Wednesday 20 February, 2013 7:30-9:30pm University of Western Sydney, Parramatta Building EA, room G.18
Western Sydney Fan Forum Panel FFA CEO David Gallop Head of Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun Special Guest TBC

As always, the football family were very active on Twitter - here are just a few of the tweets and comments from the night...

SBS - The World Game @TheWorldGame: FFA asks fans; what must be done to increase Green and Gold army numbers and the like to national games? #FootballForum #sbstwg

James Moore @mrjamesmoore: @TheWorldGame play more games in Melbourne #FootballForum

Thomas @pom_tom: @TheWorldGame #sbstwg #FootballForum Easy 1)$25 adult tix 2)Smaller stadia to ramp up the atmosphere 3)Primetime free-to-air tv highlights

TheWomensGame @TheWomensGame: Lots more please! RT @FFA: Statement from the floor: "More Matildas and young Matildas matches in Australia." #FootballForum #Matildas

TheWomensGame @TheWomensGame: Or @TheMatildas #AsianCupAnyone? ;) MT @FFA: From floor with big cheer "..nothing represents this country like the Socceroos" #FootballForum

David gallop says anzac tradition for Socceroos is on the agenda. perhaps v turkey #footballforum

SBS - The World Game @TheWorldGame: fan asks FFA; when are we going to see an Australia V Turkey match on Anzac day? Would you attend?

Football Australia @FFA From the floor: "One of the biggest issues with our games is the pitches and how bad they get during the season." #FootballForum

Football Australia @FFA In response to the last question, plenty of hands raised. #FootballForum

Football Australia @FFA: David Gallop on the Super Bowl entertainment: "I can't promise on bringing Beyonce to the A-League Grand Final." #FootballForum

Football Australia @FFA: From the floor: "Can we increase the number of subs, and get rid of the plastic chairs?" #FootballForum

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: "It'll be a big step to get rid of the chairs, and is something being reviewed for the Asian Cup in 2015." #FootballForum

Neil Sherwin @neilsherwin: Sentimental attachment to Bunnings chairs? MT @FFA: .@DamiendeBohun: "It'll be a big step to get rid of the chairs" #FootballForum”

FOX SPORTS Football @FOXFootballLive: outstanding feedback from fans tonight. well done to all involved!! passion/deep thought of football family always wonderful #footballforum

David Gallop on the FFA Cup: "It's something being worked on, it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when." #FootballForum

Football Australia @FFA: Idea from the floor: "Heart & Victory team v Sydney & Wanderers annual match our own State of Origin." What do you think. #FootballForum

SSouthy @SSouthy_SFC: @FFA have a heritage round to allow A-league teams to play at old NSL grounds for example SFC to belmore. Mh to sth melb #FootballForum

Paul Williams @dasher39: How about @FFA deal with proper issues like fan issues with security rather than gimmicks like Victory/Heart vs Sydney/WSW. #FootballForum

Football Australia @FFA: We're on to National Teams now. Fire across your questions please and we'll do our best to get them asked. #FootballForum

Richard @Muppetbhoy: @FFA do you believe that the national curriculum is makings hits way down to the grassroots level? How are you measuring its effectiveness?

Evan Binos @evanbinos: @Muppetbhoy @ffa best question of the night... I say it ain't #FootballForum

Orlando @0rlando: Excellent Panel, great exchange of ideas. I think we've made progress tonight!! #FootballForum #theworldgame #sbstwg #WeAreFootball

Angus @86GuS: #FootballForum - Create “FA” style Nationwide League w/ State league teams. Relegation & Promotion?? @FFA @FOXFOOTBALL

Football Australia @FFA @DamiendeBohun: "Improving the facilities at a grassroots level is something we're always looking into." #FootballForum

Ian Murphy @IanMurphy19: @FFA #FootballForum any chance of the youth teams playing before the main game #grassroots

Doug @Dougiejam “@IanMurphy19: @FFA #FootballForum any chance of the youth teams playing before the main game #grassroots” or the @WLeague games!! #exposure

Matt Adonis @miadonis: David Gallop gave @TheRealBozza a big wrap 2nite at @ffa #footballforum in Sydney. A wrap has to be given to Gallop too. FFA in good hands.

Football Australia @FFA: David Gallop: "There are lots of opportunities for us to forge links with Australia's football past." #FootballForum

Evan Binos @evanbinos: @FFA I am football's past, but I am in the present & will be part of the future. Any chance of fleshing this out #FootballForum #motherhood

Heather Reid @Reidyfour: "@FFA: .@DamiendeBohun on extending the W-League. "It's something we're talking about and certainly looking into." #FootballForum