Five Mad Minutes with……Terry McFlynn

Sydney FC’s midfield man talks about good magic tricks, Head & Shoulders and being stranded on a desert island with Alex Brosque

Sydney FC-s midfield man talks about good magic tricks, Head & Shoulders and being stranded on a desert island with Alex Brosque

You-ve been called the loudest in the Sydney dressing-room by your teammates, what do you think of that? I-d say that was probably a fair comment - I like to keep people on their toes around the dressing-room. Who-s quietest? Mitchell Prentice is very quiet, he-s a deep thinker. Who-s your toughest opponent in the Hyundai A-League? Mile Jedinak always gives us a hard time, and the Queensland boys McKay and Murdocca are two livewires who run all over the park - they-re two Energizer bunnies. Who has the best nickname at Sydney FC? Ivan Necevski seems to give everyone new nicknames - the most recent he-s come up with was for new boy Matty Jurman: “Pingers”, because his toes are so long they look like fingers. So not “Tingers”? Are those nicknames the funniest thing to happen at the club recently? Ivan-s also a bit of a magician. A magician? He-s got quite a few magic tricks that he films on his mobile at home and then brings them in to show the boys every day. Eccentric! Who has the worst dress sense? Robbie Middleby gets a bit of stick for his dress sense because he-s stuck in a bit of a time warp. He-s never really stopped wearing his clothes, but a lot of what he wears is coming back again in to fashion. What do you think of Aloisi-s new haircut? I think it suits him. To be honest, I didn-t know who he was when he first turned up - he-s a stylish boy, because of playing in Spain and Italy, he-s always got his designer gear and he likes to keep up with the latest fashion. The girls in the office say he-s better looking with hair… I-ll leave it to the girls in your office - I-d rather not comment on whether I think he-s good looking or not! Fair point. Speaking of Aloisi, do you use Head & Shoulders after a match? Yeah, we do, Johnny-s been very kind to supply all the boys with some Head & Shoulders in the changing-room and we all use the product Johnny endorses. He-s a true ambassador. What song would you do at karaoke? Frank Sinatra-s New York, New York. How would you treat your wife to a good night out? I-m not one for surprises; I stick to what I know. Probably a nice meal and surprise her with a bunch of flowers before. We-re taking notes. If you had to be stuck on a desert island with a teammate, who-d it be? Can I have three? Oh, go on then… Alex Brosque, Ian Fyfe and Robbie Middleby. What about Kossie? Yeah, if he wanted to come join us on a desert island he-s more than welcome. Give us an answer to this lot: can Puff Daddy dance? Yes. Which Back to the Future did you like most? First one. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars. McDonald-s or Hungry Jack-s? Hungry Jack-s. 50 Cent or Kanye West? 50 Cent. Anthony Mundine or Danny Green? Danny Green. Final question: who-s gonna win the A-League? Sydney FC. Who will they beat in the final? Melbourne Victory. Nice, thanks for the heads up. Take it easy Terry.