Five Mad Minutes with…TAREK ELRICH

AFW chats with Newcastle speedster Tarek Elrich

Newcastle Jets- Tarek Elrich gets into the nitty gritty of sibling rivalry, boys dinners and giving Adam Griffiths the boot

My brother-s first yellow card in the A-League was because of me. He rugby league tackled me to the ground.

Your birthday is on Jan 1, is it annoying that your birthday falls on New Year-s Day? No, I love it. No one-s got any excuses and there-s no work on New Year-s Day, so everyone can celebrate on New Year-s Eve. You wear number 11, is that because your birthday is on the first of the first? Yup that-s right, mum has always loved that number it-s always been one of her favourite numbers. Do you have any plans yet for your birthday? I think I-m just going try to organise a dinner with my teammates. I can-t really do much because we-ve got training on New Year-s Day. You-ll have to save the big celebration for when the season-s over. Yeah, until after we start winning some games and make it through to the finals. Excellent. Your older brother Ahmed plays for the Mariners, was there a lot of sibling rivalry growing up? Boys will be boys. I hate losing and the older brother hates losing to the younger one. It wasn-t so much soccer either; it was more rugby league and Playstation games. Are there any biffs on the football field when you play each other? Yeah, actually, when we did play, his first yellow card in the Hyundai A-League was because of me. He rugby league tackled me to the ground and his excuse to the ref was, “aw, he-s my brother!”, and the ref goes: “There-s no such thing as brothers on the field mate”. When was this?! Um, it was round six last season against New Zealand. And then when we played the Mariners in round one of this season, as I ran past him he stuck his forearm out against my chest. You-ll have to get him back next time you play him. Yeah, definitely! Who would you say is the funniest at the club? Definitely Matt Thompson. He-s just always joking around. When the coaches tell us to do something he always comes back with a smart arse remark. He knows that he-s funny and every time I-m down and out and upset, I always go see Matt. What-s your favourite holiday destination? I went to Hawaii in the off season with Stuart Musialik from Sydney, and I-d always wanted to go there. Next I-d like to go to Cancun Mexico. Cancun is awesome. I was there about three and a half years ago and it was really beautiful and the partying was great too. Really? Yeah, that-s what I-ve heard. If you could invite three people - dead or alive - to a dinner party, who would you choose? Eric Cantona, Al Pacino and Muhamed Ali. Wait, can I have a boys dinner and a girls dinner? No, sorry, only one dinner. You-ll have to substitute one of your picks for a girl… Um, ok I-ll get rid of Al Pacino and invite Miranda Kerr. If you had your own line of aftershave what would it be called? Probably Bling, as in Bling Bling. If a movie of your life was made, which actor would play you? I-d like to say Al Pacino for his bad boy image, and Brad Pitt for his looks Finish these sentences: When I come up against Adam Griffiths next season I am going to… Kick him very hard. Actually no, I-d ask him to give me some shirts from his new label. If I had $50 to gamble I would bet on… Whatever Matt Thomspon told me to. The whole Brad/Angelina/Jennifer thing is… Unreal. I wish I was him I think Australian Football Weekly is… The best read in Australia.