Five Mad Minutes with…Alex Brosque

AFW raid the wings with Sydney’s flyer and talk about FC’s very own Hulk, Facebook and why there’s a chook running ’round the harbour city

AFW raid the wings with Sydney-s flyer and talk about FC-s very own Hulk, Facebook and why there-s a chook running -round the harbour city

Hey Alex, what you up to? Not much, I-m in Subway at the moment. Are you having a foot-long meatball sub? Nah, the chicken pieces with ham and salami - it-s a lethal combination. Shouldn-t you be eating salad and tofu and stuff like that…? Well, there-s lettuce and tomato in there. You were voted Sydney-s player-s player of the year last season; did you have to buy the boys a beer to say thanks? No, but I probably should have. Terry McFlynn asked for one, though. Is he a bit tight? [Laughs.] Nah, he just said his vote could have been the one that got me the trophy so he said I had to get him a beer. There-s an Alex Brosque appreciation group on Facebook; anything to do with you? Ah no, nothing at all. Does the name William DoggaDog mean anything to you (he-s behind the group)? Yeah, I know him. He told me he was going to start it, but I never got back to him, but he started it anyway. Who would you set up a page as an homage to, if you could? Probably Brendon Santalab - he does alright with the ladies, he-d have a lot of good girlfriends on there. Who-s loudest person in the Sydney FC dressing-room? Probably Terry McFlynn. He-s the team prankster. Everyone comes in at eight in the morning still a bit tired and he-s jumping about all over the place cracking jokes - he-s quite busy in the morning. Which player do you most like coming up against in the Hyundai A-League? Jade North. We always have good battles and good verbal sessions out on the pitch - he-s a good bloke and good player and it-s good to see where you-re at when you-re up against someone like that. And in world football? Probably (Lionel) Messi. Who would tear whom to shreds in that game? [Laughs.] I-d see his number all day! Honest answer. What three people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party? Maradona, Roger Federer - you wouldn-t get much conversation out of him, but he-s a legend anyway - I gotta throw a bird in there... Jessica Biel. If you were going to make Kossie smile what joke would you tell him? To get him laughing, I-d tell him his body is not in as good a shape as he thinks it is, because he-s always going on about how good he is for his age. Would he laugh at that? Yeah, I think he-d have a giggle. Who has the funniest nickname at the club? Robbie Middleby-s called “Chooky”. I think because when he was young he ran around like a chook with no head. And the worst dress sense at the club? I-ll go for Dez Geraldi. He wears these shorts that make him look like the Hulk. They-re tight and they-re ripped at the bottom - and he wears these weird karate shoes with them. We should get the fashion police onto him. Last one mate: who should I put $10 on to win the A-League this year? You should back us! All the way… No question. Cheers Alex, we-ll let you get back to your Subway. Cheers mate, got a cookie left.

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