Five Mad Minutes with… Tom Pondeljak

Victory’s midfielder is getting the band together, dining with former PMs and in no hurry to welcome Man U to the Telstra Dome

Victory-s midfielder is getting the band together, dining with former PMs and in no hurry to welcome Man U to the Telstra Dome

Got anything earmarked yet for when the season ends? The team-s got a trip booked to Thailand. Sydney FC have gone there too, who knows we might bump into them? I also heard the Queensland Roar boys might be there too… Hopefully if they are there we can all catch up; it-d be good. Will there be a war on a Thai beach? No not at all, it-ll be very friendly. If you were to set up a four-piece band made up of Victory players, who-d be singer/guitar/bass/drums? Oooh that-s a hard one… The bass guitarist is usually a little bit on the quiet side so I-d have to put Dan Allsopp in there. Lead guitarist is a bit more of a show pony, so I might have to stick Archie in there. Drummer likes to be seen but is always in the background so I think Roddy Vargas would do a good job there… Theoklitos might have more rhythm and be more coordinated with his hands though seeing as that-s his job in the team… Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines, it-s a toss up between the two of them… Roddy has the long hair to throw about while thrashing the drums… That tilted the scales in his favour… And the singer? I‘ll stick Ney Fabiano up there, he-s got a good presence about him with his bald head and all the rest of it. He-s also got some good dance moves that he showed after scoring against Sydney this season… Yeah the South Americans are pretty smooth with their hips; he-d be a good choice for the lead singer. And a name for the band? [Laughs.] All sorts. What three people - dead or alive - would you invite round for dinner? I-d have to say Eddie Murphy; he-s one of my all-time favourite comedians and actors. EDDIE!! [Said in a loud Eddie Murphy-esque voice.] Hahahahahaha. I-d need a female… who can I throw in there for a bit of eye candy? Jessica Alba! And I-d thrown Johnny Howard in there, just to see how he gets along with Eddie Murphy. Any quirky habits? I have to shave the right side of my face first before the left… Now that you mention it, I think I do the same to be honest. Never thought about it before, but yeah I do the right side before the left. If I set up a match between Victory and Man UTD at Telstra Dome what-s the score going to be? To be honest, probably about 7-0 to Man UTD. Come on Tom… They-re quite a deadly side and if you have to line up against someone like Ronaldo you-d have to keep the Panadols in your pocket because marking him would give you a headache. Maybe we-d lose 5-0, no 5-1 - we-d get a consolation. What-s the first thing you-d do if you won the lotto? To be honest, I-d probably drive my car straight through the front door of my house. Superb! That-s the most original answer I-ve had all season… Are you as excited as us about the arrival of the Zinger Tower at KFC? I like my Zingers, so I-m definitely going to have one. I just passed through KFC about 30 minutes ago but didn-t get one because I didn-t see it on display - I-ll have to get my hands on one next time I go through the drive-thru. Finish these sentences… Kevin Muscat-s penalties are… [Long pause…] Brilliant. My teammates would say I am… A greyhound. That-s my nickname because when I take my shirt off my ribs start showing like a greyhound and my skin folds are the lowest at the club so they keep harping on about me looking like a greyhound. I think AFW is… A truly great magazine. Couldn-t agree more Tom, good luck in the finals.