Five Mad Minutes With... Sergio Van Dijk

AFW catches up with Queensland Roar’s big striker.

AFW catches up with Queensland Roar-s big striker talks pancakes, girly dances, pointy shoes and living in fear over Danny Tiatto

Hey Sergio, how you settling in to life in Brisbane? The main thing is the climate is different between Europe and Australia. It-s obviously changed for the better, right? [Laughs.] Yeah, but it-s getting hotter and hotter, so that-s the thing I-m getting used to, but I can-t complain. What other differences are there between Holland and Australia? The lifestyle is better. Here, because of the weather, you-re more outside: you go to the beach, have lunch outside, take a walk - it-s much better than in Holland. Another thing, that-s a bit negative, is the way the people drive here, it-s horrible. Drivers are even worse in Sydney, mate. Speaking of Sydney, you looking forward to playing them this weekend? Of course. It-s another team who has good players and they are one of the candidates to win the league and we want to win the league, too, so we have to play good to win. Will you get much time to enjoy Sydney away from the game? I hope so, because in Sydney there-s one Dutch snack bar, where they sell Dutch chips with mayonnaise and ketchup, and some other things that we have in Holland. Maybe I-ll take a walk and go over there because it-s been a long time since I had a Dutch snack. Holland is known for its pancakes; have you found any good pancake houses in Brisbane? There-s a pancake house on Southbank that sells Dutch pancakes, but it-s not even near like Dutch pancakes - I didn-t rate it that good. Australia-s national dish is a meat pie; tried one yet? A meat pie? No, that-s not my favourite. I-d rather have a sweet pie, or cake, with whipped cream. That-s more me. In terms of your Queensland teammates, who-s the loudest in the dressing room? Liam Reddy - the dressing-room is divided into two areas but he can scream through the walls. We have funny guys like Massimo Murdocca; he-s always making people laugh with his girly dance [laughs]. And there-s always some fooling around with Michael Zullo and Charlie Miller. Who has the worse dress at the club? [Laughs.] Michael Zullo with his tight jeans and pointy shoes - that-s the style here - he looks good and it suits him. And Robbie Kruse comes in every day in his former Olyroo tracksuit. Who-s tougher between Danny Tiatto and Craig Moore? I reckon Tiatto. Yeah, us too. Don-t tell Moore we said that… I did some research before I came here and when I Googled Tiatto-s name [laughs] I saw some footage of him and I was wondering, “Oh my God, what if I hit him by accident in training, will he break my legs?” What three people would you invite, dead or alive, to a dinner party? David Beckham, Bill Clinton and… let me see… I-d guess Pele. Interesting. No women at your party, then? No, maybe the after party! Touché! Final question: who-s going to win the A-League? We will! Cheers Sergio, see you for some Dutch snacks soon! Great, see you.

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