Five Mad Minutes with… Scott Jamieson

United’s ‘looker’ gets busy with JT, Rhianna and Megan Fox, passing on his moves and chowing down at KFC

United-s ‘looker- gets busy with JT, Rhianna and Megan Fox, passing on his moves and chowing down at KFC

We just tried to phone Robbie Cornthwaite, he-s dodging us.. Nah mate, he-s doing at the ironing at the moment. Is he doing yours too? Nah, he-s too lazy for that! If you were going to make a four-piece band with your teammates who would be in it? I-d be the singer, because I sing the most; guitarist is Kristian Sarkies, because he owns Guitar Hero and thinks he-s good at it; the drummer would have to be Robbie Cornthwaite, because he-s my housemate and he-d get upset; and I might have Ang Costanzo has a back-up dancer because he think he-s Michael Jackson when he dances - if we win the grand final he-ll dance on the field for you. We-ll hold him to that - what would you call the band? The Mick Tackers. Worst dress sense at the club? There-s a few bad ones… It would have to be Jonas Salley, because he wears a 2Pac locket thing around his neck. It-s terrible. Paul Reid told us he doesn-t swear, is that really true? Paul-s a saint; he-s a model professional. I call him a granddad because he-s older than everyone else. Jonas, on the other hand, has a mouth worse than John Kosmina; behind closed doors that guy can talk for ages. If you were stuck on a desert island with one teammate who would it be and why? And you can-t say Robbie because he-s your housemate… Nah, I-m not going to lick Robbie-s arse… It-d probably be Ang Costanzo because he-d make me laugh and he would find something for us to do: whether it-s fish, swim, or dance. What three people - dead or alive - would you invite to a dinner party? I thought about this last night… Justin Timberlake, because he can sing for us; Rhianna… And she-s looking for a new guy at the moment… Yeah, exactly, I-ve already dialled up a few times… And Megan Fox, because if Justin got one then I-d get one, but if he got both then I could just watch. You-ve really given this some thought haven-t you? Hahaha yeah I did! I had to make sure I got this one right… What would you call your autobiography? Time To Grow Up [laughs]. Robbie does a superhero goal celebration what would his name be? BFG - Big Friendly Giant. And his super power? To be honest, he does go alright with the ladies, so I think he-d be a What Women Want kind of thing where he-d know what women want; he could read minds. I have kind of rubbed off on him since we started living together so I-ve given him some of my mojo and he-s learnt a bit - he-s going alright with the ladies. I-m trying to settle down with one girl, but Cornie-s on fire. Yet to score on the pitch, are you going to come up with something equally unique as Robbie? I thought about it, but games passed and I didn-t score, so I-ll do whatever comes to my mind when I do score this weekend… Favourite TV show? Entourage. We could do an Aussie version with you and Robbie in it. I tell you what, we-d go alright - we-ve got a few lads outside of football that go alright… Give it to that E! Entertainment channel, I watch that a fair bit. Have you tried the new KFC zinger tower yet? [Laughs.] Me and Cornie live off KFC, we-re probably there two or three times a week. I have the fillet burger meal with chips and gravy, because northern boys love gravy [laughs]. Vidi will kill you… Ok, moving on: choose between these two… Mac or PC? Mac, because I have a MacBook. Blonde or brunette? Blonde. Tea or coffee? Coffee, I love my coffee. Finish these sentences… The day after the grand final I will… Hopefully still be celebrating with my teammates. Next season Adelaide will… Have improved on last year-s efforts. My teammates would say I am… Annoying, good looking, annoying. I think AFW is… A fantastic magazine that should be sold overseas. A bouquet of flowers is heading your way. Good luck in Melbourne, see you after the game.