Five Mad Minutes.... Nick Rizzo

When he’s not trying to break into the Perth Glory first team, Nick Rizzo is singing Coldplay, listening to Djulbic shouting and voting for Pedro

When he-s not trying to break into the Perth Glory first team, Nick Rizzo is singing Coldplay, listening to Djulbic shouting and voting for Pedro

You-re from Bronte, would you like to return to Sydney to play? Who knows. I-ve been gone from home for 12 to 13 years now, so eventually, but you-ve got to go where the clubs want you - if Sydney wanted me I-m sure I-d be interested. Is that the hardest part of being a pro footballer, the moving about? It is difficult, but you start to get used to it when you-re always changing sides, but at the same time you set up one place, you make new friends, you get used to the area and then you-ve gotta pick up and move again. It is a bit frustrating, but it comes with the job - I-m a world traveller, mate. What-s been the best place you-ve been to on your football travels? Liverpool, I was there for two years. You started your career at Liverpool; did you find it hard understanding the locals? [Laughs.] Yeah, they do have a bit of a different accent. Every time they called me they-d go “Nick” [in a very good Scouse accent]. The people in Liverpool were lovely and really friendly. So you didn-t have anything stolen while you were there? [Laughs.] Actually, a couple of things did go missing in the dressing-room once and the club wasn-t too happy about it. Probably one of the youth players. Maybe. When you-ve got a first team earning millions of pounds there-s bound to be a Rolex hanging around somewhere. I dread to think how much money is floating around the dressing-room now… When I was there the car park was like a show room. Bet that was an eye-opener? I-d only just turned 17 when I joined there and you-d see the cars rocking up and you think, “Oh my God.” In terms of your Perth teammates, who has the worst dress sense? Jamie Harnwell, all he wears is Kelme, so I guess his sponsors will be happy. What about the loudest? Without a doubt, Dino Djulbic - that guy just doesn-t shut up. He just screams his head off. Best nickname? Adriano Pellegrino. When he started training with us someone said, “What-s his first name?” I can-t remember who said it, but someone said, “Pedro” but that-s not his name, but because Pedro rhymed with Pellegrino his name became Pedro Pellegrino and I actually quite like it. I forget his name is Adriano. Favourite playlist on your MP3? What-s the group called again? [Long pause…] I-ve got a mental freeze… [Longer pause…] I-ve just been listening to them and I can-t remember what it is… Coldplay. What would you sing at karaoke? Bon Jovi, what-s that song they always sing? Livin- on a prayer? Yeah that-s the one! If you-re stuck on a desert island and could have one teammate with you who would it be? Dino Djulbic and I-d pick another: Pedro Pellegrino. What three people - dead or alive - would you invite to a dinner party? Diego Maradona, Roberto Baggio and Elvis Presley… Why not? OK, quick-fire questions, ready? Yeah! Who-s your favourite ninja turtle? Michaelangelo. Mac or PC? PC all day… Blasphemy! Blonde or brunette? Brunette, because my wife-s brunette so I-ve got to be careful. Biggie or 2Pac? 2Pac. Who-s gonna win the A-League? I-ve been very impressed with Melbourne Victory. Who will they defeat in the final? Probably Adelaide, I think they-re a good team. Cheers Nick, speak soon mate. No worries mate, that was a good chat.