Five Mad Minutes with… Mitchell Langerak

AFW had 5 mad minutes with Melbourne's young custodian

Melbourne Victory-s young ‘keeper tells us about Humphrey the Bear, how he could stop Muscat penalties and why he doesn-t like Greek music

You-re 20 and you wear the No.20 shirt, that-s quite a coincidence... Yeah, it is a bit weird, but I think all the goalies in the league wear 20, 30 and 40. I don-t quite understand why, I suppose I-ve done alright to get the No. 20 as it-s better than last year. I-m happy with my number; it-s serving me alright. You-re one of the youngest players in the first team squad; do you get ripped by the older guys? All the young boys cop a fair bit of stick, but it-s all good fun and we give a fair bit back as well. You-re a Leo; they-re meant to be bossy, are you? I don-t think so. It would be helpful as a keeper, though. You-ve got to do that on the field - boss people around, tell people what to do, that-s part of the job, I guess. Who-s loudest player in the dressing room? Michael Theoklitos, Kevin Muscat and Tom Pondeljak are the loudest - they-re always having jokes. What-s the best thing to happen at training recently? We-ve been playing this game where you chip the ball onto the crossbar from the edge of the 18-yard box and you have to try hit it on the crossbar. We-re all shocking and Archie always manages to get it first time. But you can tell them you-re a goalie and it-s not your thing… [Laughs.] Yeah, I end up spraying it into the stands. Who has the best nickname at the club? I-d have to say Sebastian Ryall, his nickname is Humphrey the Bear because he doesn-t say too much. Aside from the word victory, what-s the first word that comes in to your head beginning with ‘V-? Virgin. Lovely. If you faced 10 Kevin Muscat penalties, how many would you save? Ten penalties? I-d say 10. In reality, it would be two. He-d say zero wouldn-t he? Yeah, he would say zero but I-d say 10 [laughs]. Evan Berger said everyone has to sing when they join the team; what did you do? Everyone has to do it on their first away trip; I did Wonderwall by Oasis and it was probably the worst performance ever. There-s been a few shockers from the boys - it-s good to get it out of the way so you can sit back and laugh. I was more nervous doing that than my debut. Speaking of Evan, what-s your ultimate burger? Patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce - pretty standard, really. What three people would you invite to a dinner party? Firstly I-d say Beckham, Hermione out of Harry Potter… Hermione? Who-s that? You know, Hermione? The bird? OK, fair enough. We-re from a different generation, obviously. Yep, she-s quality. And… what-s another bird I could take? A blonde bird… Jessica Simpson. What are you listening to on your MP3 player at the moment? It-s pretty random; I just put it on shuffle and see what comes up. I got a few of Michael Theoklitos- songs - too much Greek in there - so I have to skip them. If you had to be stuck on a desert island with one of your teammates who would it be? Probably Sebastian Ryall, because he-s my flatmate and a funny bloke. Plus he-d crack it if you didn-t take him. If you weren-t a goalie what would you be instead? Probably at uni, bumming around, not working [laughs], living at home with Mum and Dad. Favourite Star Wars movie? Never watched any in my life. What? Really? This generation... Who-s your tip for the EPL and the A-League this year? EPL will be Manchester United, even though my favourite team is Blackburn and for the A-League it-s going to be very close, but I think we-re going to win it.