Five Mad Minutes with… Michael Zullo

AFW’s Kristine Stone chats with Roar’s young-gun striker about dancing jocks, tight shirts and Queensland’s dating hot spots

AFW-s Kristine Stone chats with Roar-s young-gun striker about dancing jocks, tight shirts and Queensland-s dating hot spots

How are you finding the Hyundai A-League season so far? It-s been a bit of a challenge. I-ve kind of been shut a little bit from game time but for the last few weeks I-ve played full games, which has been good. I feel like I-m getting back towards the form I know I can hit. So you-re a Virgo. Would you say you were a perfectionist? Yeah, that-s right. I would definitely consider myself a perfectionist in all aspects of my life I suppose. Who-s the funniest on the team? We-ve got a few jokers. I-m good friends with Massimo Murdocca and he comes up with a few stupid things to say every now and then. What-s he done recently? He got up on the massage table in the changing room with his jocks and started dancing around, which was pretty funny. And who would you say is the most intimidating? The most charismatic and the most intimidating would be Danny Tiatto and Craig Moore. They are both great guys, but can be intimidating at times when they want to be and obviously they expect nothing but the best. Do you get a lot of slack from the rest of the team because you-re the youngest? I just get a lot of slack for just being me I suppose, not necessarily because of my age. It-s all in good spirit. When we spoke to Sergio Van Dijk he said you had the worst dress sense. Care to comment on that? Yeah I-ve already given him my thoughts and comments on that. He-s just not used to Australia, so to speak, and I suppose I can come up with some strange things sometimes, so that-s fair enough So who do you think has the worst dress sense? Easily Charlie Miller, by far. He likes to wear shirts that are too small. If you were trapped on a desert island, which teammate would you have with you? I think I would probably have Massimo because he-d cook and stuff, and make houses. Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions that you do before each game? I think everyone has a few. I always put on my right sock, shin pad and boot first, every single time. If you and I were going to go on a date where would you take me? Probably on a Saturday night, down the coast and then out afterwards to a good bar or nightclub Excellent. What would you be doing if you weren-t playing in the Hyundai A-League? I-d be at uni. I-m studying at the moment, but just part time. I-m doing an accounting degree, so I-d be a full-time student. So you-re good at maths? Yeah sort of. I-m not really enjoying it at the moment though. If you could have three people - dead or alive - at dinner party, who would you invite? Diego Maradona, Robert De Niro and Alicia Keys What-s your favourite holiday destination? I love going to the Gold Coast and I love going to Europe as well. I-ve been to Italy a couple times and I was in Germany for the World Cup which was amazing. Cyprus is really good in the summer, and I think next I-d go to the Greek Islands. Anywhere where there are beaches. And lastly, who do you think will win the Hyundai A-league this year? I think we will. Great, thanks for your time.