Five Mad Minutes With… Massimo Murdocca

The Queensland Roar midfielder opens up on star signs, karaoke and why Griffin McMaster shouldn’t wear gangster-style clothes

Afternoon, Massimo. It was your birthday last week; are you a typical Virgo? Yeah, I-m quite tidy. Do you like everything to be in the correct position and all that? Yeah, definitely mate - it has to be. And does that transfer over to game day? Yeah, everything-s got to go to plan and has to be in the right order. And I have to do everything the same way in the same order. Give us one example… I like to have three litres of Powerade and a litre-and-a-half of water before I leave the house or else I feel I-m going to have a bad game. All that Powerade probably explains why you do so much running during a game… Yeah, maybe, who knows? You-ve only scored one goal in your Hyundai A-League career - how come? [Laughs.] Yeah, it-s a bit disappointing but I guess it shows the type of player I am. I-d rather somebody else score, and take the glory themselves. Which midfielder do you particularly look forward to playing against? I always like playing against Steve Corica. I-ve got a lot of respect for him and what he-s done in his career. He-s a top midifielder and one we-ve always looked out for. In terms of worldwide players, who would you most like to come up against? I-d like to play against Kaká. He makes it look so easy... I wonder what I-d do against him. I wouldn-t mind getting the chance. If anyone wants to hook that up I-ll be happy to... OK, we-ll see if we can hook you up with a transfer to Serie A then… [Laughs.] We reckon you-re a bit of an unsung hero at Roar; what would you sing at karaoke? Why don-t you like me… Who sings that? [Laughs.] Go on, sing it to us… [Laughs.] I-m trying to think… What-s it called again? I made it up! You made it up? That-s why we didn-t get it… So you-re a singer/songwriter as well as a midfielder? [Laughs.] It-s one of those things I make up here and there. Geez, what song? No woman, no cry. Liam Reddy-s a bit of a prankster at the Roar, do you ever fancy turning the tables? All the time. Have you tried to yet? No, I-m still thinking about it. Who-s got the worst hair at the club? Michael Zullo. I don-t know what he-s done at the back of his hair, but it looks disgusting. Harsh - but probably fair. What three people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party? Britney Spears, that Kim Kardashian chick, and I-ve always liked Natalie Portman. Bit of a theme running, then… Who-s got the worst dress sense at the club? Griffin McMaster. How bad is it? Ah, it-s not too bad. It-s just the clothes he wears don-t suit him. He tries to wear gangster clothes and it-s really not working for him. Are you a bit of a style guru yourself? [Laughs.] I-m not bad when I try, but living in Brisbane, it-s usually shorts and thong. Speaking of dress sense, what would you go as to a fancy dress party? Yoda from Star Wars. Yoda? When we have an AFW party, you have to come as Yoda… OK, maybe not. Tell us a joke instead… Errr, what do you call a dear with no eyes? Dunno mate… No eye-dear. Oh God… [Laughs.] Shocking, isn-t it? Yes, it is. What-s the funniest thing that-s happened at training recently? Josh McCloughan just breaking everyone - I don-t know what-s wrong with him. He-s in one of his moods, but he-s breaking everyone-s legs and it seems to be the youth players at the moment. It-s been quite funny, actually. Who-s tougher? Craig Moore or Danny Tiatto? Ah geez, it-s got to be Danny. Danny scares us. What-s your favourite movie? Dumb & Dumber [laughs]. That-s one of the best movies ever made. Yeah, exactly - it-s a classic. Who-s going to win the A-League this year? Do I have to say Roar? You can say whatever you want. Probably Sydney. Roar as grand finalists? We-ll make the grand final but Sydney might edge us out. Our final question… and it-s the most important one we-ve got: Simon Hill-s goatee, what-s going on there? [Roars with laughter.] I never rate Simon Hill with any facial hair, he-s just got to sort it out and stay clean mate - that suits him best. Hahaha fair enough - mate, thanks for that.