Five Mad Minutes with… Liam Reddy

Roar’s charismatic goalkeeper on the team’s Hungry Packs, why Zullo needs fashion advice and why he’d turn down a move to Manchester United

Roar-s charismatic goalkeeper on the team-s Hungry Packs, why Zullo needs fashion advice and why he-d turn down a move to Manchester United

Word up Liam, got any NY reso's? To make the top four and win it. On a personal level? To clean sheet in the grand final, that-d be good. You-re the club prankster, which is the one you-re most proud of? I did a go one on Zullo last year. We were in Perth and the bus driver came over to us, and Zullo was sitting on his own in the foyer, and the bus driver says, “He-s a young kid.” And I said, “Yeah, he won a trip to travel with Queensland Roar and it-d be a great thrill for him if you could let him sit at the front of the bus, and let him beep the horn because he-d like to do that.” So when Zullo went and sat on the bus the bus driver said, “Young Michael come up the front,” and Zullo didn-t know what was going on. And the driver then says, “Come up front and I-ll let you blow the horn,” because he thought Zullo was a 12-year-old kid who-d won a trip to travel with us [laughs]. What-s the funniest thing to happen at the club recently? Charlie Miller-s balls; he-s and his hernia done and his balls are like beach balls - he-s been walking round the changing-room showing everyone. Now there-s an image… Who cops the most flack at Roar? Probably either Packer or Zullo, he-s an easy target. Why Packer? Because he-s always eating junk food. Hungry Packs is what we call him. Van Dijk said Zullo has the worse dress sense, yet Zullo said Charlie Miller; care to comment? Zullo, hands down. Zullo-s dress sense is the worse, he wears those short, short jeans and in Queensland it-s 36 degrees every day and he still manages to wear a pair of jeans to training. It might be alright in Melbourne or Sydney, but not here in Queensland: you need shorts and a T-shirt. What three things could you not live without? My wife and kids, Foxtel and football. Technically, that-s four, but we-ll let you off. What-s your favourite movie? What-s your sort of thing? I like Shawshank Redemption, The Hurricane... oh and I-ll tell you a good old one: The Great Escape. What would you call your own line of aftershaves? [Laughs.] I wouldn-t, but if I did have one I-d call it “Rocket” because that-s my nickname. If you win the grand final this year, what-ll be your first drink? First drink? A beer. Not a water? It-s just after the final whistle after all, you-re bound to be thirsty? No, it-ll be a beer [laughs]. Which three people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party? Brooke Burke… We really like Brooke! Yeah, she-s beautiful. I-d also have Muhammad Ali and I-d have to have another bird, because if I have Brooke and Ali I know I-d get left out, and I-d go Halle Berry. Well thought out… Ok, finish these sentences: If Queensland Roar win the premiership this year I will… Get drunk. If I was linked with a move to Manchester United I would… Have to say no, because I go for Liverpool. When I play FIFA I play as… I don-t have FIFA mate, my kids are too much - I don-t have time. If I had 24 hours to live the first thing I would do is… Spend it with my family. I think AFW is… A top magazine. You had to think about that last one didn-t you? Yeah! Last week you had Durante and he said “A brilliant magazine” or something… Yeah he-s a man of truth. Anyway, cheers Liam good luck with the finals.

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