Five Mad Minutes with Jamie Harnwell

Glory’s versatile forward puts his feet up and defends his dress sense, reveals how he stops Dwight Yorke and getting his wife with Angelina

Glory-s versatile forward puts his feet up and defends his dress sense, reveals how he stops Dwight Yorke and getting his wife with Angelina

Where will you be watching the grand final? Probably sat in a dark room crying, thinking about how we-re not there, so nothing special. Have you managed to enjoy the semis? Yeah I have to a degree. Some of the football has been good and there-s been some good goals as well. It-s always nice to watch it I suppose as a neutral. Season-s only been over for a couple of weeks, are you already itching to get back out there? Not quite yet no, I-ve been enjoying some R -n- R - I-ve been getting stuck into the house renovation so the wife-s quite happy we didn-t make the finals. Got much else on before pre-season starts? Yeah got a holiday with the family to the Gold Coast; my little one is waiting to go to Wiggle World. And hopefully reduce my golf handicap by a couple of strokes. Stressful times ahead? Yeah, it-s been a long time since I had a break because I went to play in Europe in the last off-season. What was it like playing over there? Obviously going from 35 degrees in Perth to -3 is a fair culture shock. We bet! Rizzo and Pellegrino have knocked your dress sense and called you the worst dressed at the club, what do you say to that? I was a bit disappointed actually, you have to look after your sponsor and I do that. I know I don-t wear any of that larish gear that I see Rizzo in with Armani written all over; it-s even on his underpants. He-s king of the labels. Rizzo said he wanted the Perth strip to be made by Armani… [Laughs.] That sounds like Riz! We-ve seen some interesting pictures of your teammates in fancy dress, who-s had the most disturbing outfit? There-s been a few shockers over the years; a couple of years ago we had the club auction and it was Priscilla Queen of the Desert, so there was David Tarka dressed up as that, and was very interesting to see him dressed like that; quite comfortable in it too. What was your best outfit? I got to be a Wiggle once. Which opponent do you most enjoy coming up against? Marking Dwight Yorke will always stick out in my mind, because I-m a massive Man Utd fan and to play against that sort of player, and just the runs he was making, you could see how smart he was; I brought him down a couple of times and he turned round to me in his accent and said, “Hey, don-t do that man.” I said, “That-s the only way I-m going to stop you mate so there-s nothing else I can do about it.” You gotta do what you can. If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one teammate who-d it be and why? Oh geez… None of them I suppose [laughs]. I-ll have to say Scott Bulloch otherwise he-d probably ring up as soon as he saw this and have a whinge. He-s been my roommate this year. What was your last big purchase? A big LCD TV, which I-ve been hanging out for for a while; I-ve been enjoying some good A-League and EPL matches on it. How big? 52”. I-ve been saving up for that one for a while… What three people - dead or alive - would you invite to dinner? My wife first off, to keep her happy, but also Angelina Jolie to keep things interesting and probably Bryan Robson; he was my idol. How do you think your wife will get on with Angelina Jolie? Hopefully very well. You never know… What-s the first thing you-d do if you won the lotto? I-d probably have to phone up Dave Mitchell and say I-m not going to be in tomorrow, and then book a cruise. Favourite biscuit? It-s gotta be Tim Tams. Any particular one? Just the original, I don-t get into the others… Lastly, finish these sentences… Next season I will score… More goals than this year. My teammates would say I am… [Laughs.] That-s a good one… They-ll say I-m always there for the team functions. If I was Perth Glory boss my no.2 would be… My younger brother; we-d have a good laugh. I think AFW is… A great read for whenever we-re sat in the dressing room before a game. Always good to know, have a good off season Jamie, see you next year!

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